ZT Fighters sweep the opposition at Fight Night!

Wow! What a night! After so many months of preparation, ZT’s Fight Night- Stand Your Ground was a huge success. Held for the first time in Eastbourne, fighters where able to let rip in a full size cage thanks to a more forward thinking local authority. In Hove, fights have to be held in a boxing-style ring, causing more hazards and stoppages during a fight.

The headlining fight was Oli Thompson, who defeated a Polish man-mountain weighing 150kg by the name of Thomas Czerwinski with a brutal ground and pound. To put things in to perspective, Oli fights at around 125kg….Mariusz Pudzianowski weighs 128kg. So this Polish guy was BIG!

Oli faces up to a rather large man.

 Oli celebrates his win- photo by Ben Donoghue
The training camp leading up to the fight focused on Oli’s cardio and speed. Five-minute fighter circuits would usually end with ground and pound exercises using tyres, tornado balls or a sledgehammer. It was awesome seeing Oli put his strength and power to great use in his fight against the gigantic Thomas.

Huge congratulations to all the ZT Fight team who all won their fights including Ryan Roe-Barnett who displayed amazing skill on the ground, Laura Howarth (watch this girl!) who overcame a very unorthodox and tough fighter, Ryan White who kept his cool despite his opponent trying to head-butt him after losing to him and Tolly Plested for showing well-rounded skills in front of his excited home crowd.
Fight of the night has to go to Kenny Moyston who defeated a Thai champion and Asian Boxing champion who had 220 fight under his belt, with amazing ease and ferocity!

Huge congratulations to Sol Gilbert, Donna and the ZT team for putting on an amazing show which is evolving in to one of the best fight shows in the country. Roll on the next one!

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