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If you're looking for the best in kettlebell training, if you're looking to learn how to use kettlebells safely and effectively for fat loss, strength and fitness training then you will want to sign up to the Accelerated Learning Kettlebell Workshop!


Workshops are an interesting and intensive way to introduce Kettlebells to beginners and even advanced individuals.

This is 5 hours of premium Kettlebell training where each move is broken down, highlighting the safety factors and we make sure everyone gets each move right! 


The Accelerated Learning workshop is over one day, covering all the foundation exercises (listed to the right), technique, joint mobility, dynamic warm ups and stretches.


The workshops content is much the same as the classes but delivered more intensely and over a shorter time frame. Ideal for people who want to learn the fundamental moves, but are time restricted to commit to a class.

Workshops are suitable for all ages over 16 years, and is open to both males and females.

Personal trainers and instructors who are looking to qualify: Fitness instructors and teachers of all fitness types and back grounds are also welcome. Be prepared for your exam by refining the skills and teaching points for your qualification! Kettlebells will be available for use on the day and for purchase.




  • 5 hours of quality, safe and professional instruction.
  • All the Pavel Tsatsouline kettlebell books on CD-Rom
  • The Enter the Kettlebell video.
  • 15% off all my kettlebell prices. Kettlebells can be pre-ordered so you can pick up at the Workshop. See the Buy Kettlebells page for more details.


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Foundation Exercises

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Two Handed Swing »

The swing teaches the student how to generate and coordinate the strength and power of the body from a firm base. The student will develop strong core, back and powerful hips. The cardiovascular system is also worked hard!

One Arm Swing »

Similar to the Two handed swing, but uses only one side of the body, increasing the demand on the body.

The Clean »

Used as a technique to get the Kettlebell from the floor into a pressing position. Used on its own, it allows the student to develop a strong bracing foundation which develops the arms and hardens the body.

The Snatch »

My favourite, and one of the most demanding of all the Kettlebell exercises. This one burns more calories per repetition than most gym exercises. Students will generate explosive power through the entire body. Decelerating and accelerating movements will strengthen up and stabilize shoulder joints.

Front Squat »

Focusing on the legs, this exercise strengthens and builds your quads and bum muscles. You’ll learn how to push yourself from a squatted to a standing position holding one or even two kettlebells.

Single Leg Dead Lift »

Trains the often neglected hamstring and lower back muscles, but also improves stability and balance.

Military Press »

Will boost shoulder strength and teach you how to brace your core to stabilize the body whilst the kettlebell is pressed over your head.

Russian Twists »

One of the best exercises you’ll ever do for your abs, this totally torches your mid-section using a light kettlebell and a rotation movement.



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