Week 2: Guaranteed Results Bootcamp!

How are you getting on? Well I hope! If you’re at the same stage as I am, you’ll now be sleeping a lot better than me, waking up early and feeling great!
If you haven’t yet reched that stage..then don’t worry- it will come! It really depends on how toxic you where before the programme.
 Here’s some questions sent to me the last few days and on forums I’ve read. I’ve posted them up so everyone can see them:
  • In answer to your question, whilst I have not yet added Soya to the banned list, I believe it’s better to give it a miss as there are lots of new studies and articles coming out that really call it into question. You may use rice, oat, hazelnut, almond milks but make sure they have no additives or oils added.
  • If you feel your weight is not progressing quickly enough…consider dropping your portion sizes by 25%.
  • Micowaving is out! See why:  http://www.mercola.com/article/microwave/hazards.htm
  • As far as I know tinned tuna is ok as long as it’s in spring water as opposed to brine or oil. I would assume that applies to other fish.
  • Herbal teas are fine and there are plenty of varieties to try. 
  • Dried fruit is okay as long as there are no chemicals added, sun dried would probably be best if you can find them. Fruit whether dried or not, if you eat too much will slow down weight loss if that is what you are after, so just watch how much you are eating, the same for nuts.
  • Houmous is made with chickpeas, sesame seeds and olive oil so that is fine if you make it yourself but I haven’t seen a commercially made one that didn’t have vegetable oil and preservatives in it.
  • Hi, my advice for carb cravings is to eat more protein and fat. Especially if you are weightlifting. I eat about 20g protein per meal or more, 6 meals a day.
  • I will say having followed the elimination myself before & having coached many clients through the process, the difference a few cheats can be quite good. Some clients have been happy with “average” weight loss & cheating, but those that stick to it are truly excited by what they can achieve. It is hardcore for some people to stick to this, but the dramatic weight loss experienced by those that stick to the letter of the diet is fantastic.
  • For a quick pick me up, I also made my own trail mix. I used almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, or any cut up dried fruit…1/2 cup of this when you are having a sugar craving will help you through the day. You may mix any type of nuts. 
Here’s this week’s classes- weather forecast looks good for the first three days!

  • Mon@ 8pm (Compulsory- diet and training)- Cheetahs with Christian
  • Tues@ 7.30pm (Intermediate)- Cheetahs with Christian
  • Wed@ 7pm (Intermediate)- Cheetahs with Christian
  • Thurs@ 7.30pm (Intermediate) – ZT Fitness with Mark
  • Sat@ 11am (Intermediate)- ZT Fitness with Simon

Keep it tight guys!

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