Stop putting it off….

If I had a penny for every time people told me they where coming to my class, but didn’t I’d be very rich!

So let’s take action people! With no less than four classes to choose from, there can be no excuses!
Anyone responding to this blog will get their first class free when signing up to a block!
This week’s classes:

Tuesday 10th March: 7.30pm@ Cheetahs Gym (All levels)
Wednesday 11th March: 7.30pm@ Cheetahs Gym (Advanced Class)
Thursday 12th March: 7:30pm@ ZT (Beginner/Intermidiate)
Saturday 14th March: 12:30noon@ ZT (Beginner/Intermidiate)

Please confirm which you’d like to attend and I’ll be sure to put you on the list!
E-mail Christian at or text: 07876-558850

See you there!

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