Oli’s fitness is going through the roof!

With Christmas and New Year looming, Oli Thompson is showing no signs of letting up on his preparation for the ZT Fight Night- Heavyweight Tournament in January.

Christian Vila, from Brighton Kettlebells is phasing Oli’s training in blocks so he is in peak condition for the tournament.


This one of a kind event will be one of the most exciting things to happen in UK MMA, with some of the top UK heavyweights fighting for a £15k Prize money.

Held at the HMV Forum in London, tickets are now selling fast.

See: http://www.ztfightnight.com/


The gruelling sessions with Christian involve the use of bodyweight exercises, bands, kettlebells and anythings heavy Oli can throw around.

To warm up Christian has Oli perform Tabata Jump squat to sprawls- throwing punches in the rest periods.
They then use IHPCombat’s MMA Matrix with dumbells to build all over endurance and flexibility whilst on the move.

As an MMA fighter, Oli needs to be a multi-faceted athlete. He must have great cardio, agility, power, strength and flexibility to survive the tournament. Rounds last a gruesome five minutes and are relentless!

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