New Year- New You is a success!

28 days ago fifteen people of all walks of life embarked on a journey of self-recognition and test of will power to make some serious changes in their lifestyles and health.
Now in its second year, The New Year- New You programme had everyone, including myself follow a strict diet in which you eliminate all toxins including:
  • Dairy (live yoghurt and Raw dairy allowed)
  • Caffeine (evil!)
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • All preservatives and chemicals.
This is coupled with a three days a week training regime to further augment the results. These sessions where based around Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and other funky toys thrown in for good measure!

After a few days feeling pretty crappy due to the toxins being expelled, you start to feel and look great. At the end of the programme people where hugging me delighted with the results!

Sam Nash who attended the programme despite reservations as to wether she would be able to complete it said the following today:

“Hi Christian – just a note to say I’m thrilled with the results I have achieved so far by joining the kettle bell community! The 4 week course we did has seen incredible results so far (1 stone, 8.5 cm off my waist and 5% body fat) Whoop whoop!!!!! I’m a convert and shall carry on in my quest with the help of KB. Thanks again :-)”

Another trainee was able to stop taking medication she had been on for years- awesome!

Messages like this make my job worthwhile and getting up in the mornings so easy! Thank you to all those who attended and completed the programme- I’m so proud of you. 

Keep up the great work.

Those of you that missed the programme, I’ll be doing the Beach Body 2 Bootcamp in May, which will be outdoors…get in touch for details! 

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