New Year Bootcamp- the best to date!

Wow! What an amazing bootcamp we’ve just had! Not only was this our busiest bootcamp to date, but the New Year, New You programme which lasted 28 days from Saturday 14th January, also had the best results we’ve ever had!

The programme rules are simple:

1) Eat clean following our detox diet, which eliminates all toxins from our diet.

2) Train at least three times a week for four weeks.

Typical allowed Breakfast on the bootcamp (eggs, grated carrot, peppers, onions, mushrooms, avocado, grass-fed beef, home made houmus)


EVERYONE on the programme lost fat!


The total fat lost by everyone on the bootcamp was a staggering 144kg (317lbs) of fat! Thats a LOT of fat! Well done guys!

Enough to fill 13 of these buckets of lard in fact!

(bleurgh….pass me the bucket!)


The average amount of fat lost was 4kg.


The biggest loser was Ross Keely who lost 10kg of fat in 28 days. He then went on to finish the Brighton Half Marathon proudly wearing his earned Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt!

Congratulations to everyone that completed the programme! The Brighton Kettlebells team, including coaches Mark Stroud, Rooth Smethurst and Dan Alliston and I, are super proud of you all!
But this is just the beginning! Set yourself new goals and smash them!

If you missed this bootcamp, don’t fear!

We have the Beach Body programme starting on Saturday 28th April, 2012. This will run through May and will have you ready for the Summer holidays and warmer months to come!
For more info and to enrol please go to:

ps: want to try the programme for FREE? I need one volunteer to have before/ after photos! E-mail me NOW:

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