New Year Bootcamp…week 3- diary of a Bootcamper!

Well here we are …. deep in to week four of the New Year- New You Bootcamp!
I’m amazed at everyone’s dedication and commitment to the programme, not a single person out of the 35 have dropped out!

To add to my astonishment, around 12 people have opted (like me) to continue with the detox diet beyond the 4- weeks of the bootcamp, for continued wellbeing and high energy. Lets face it, with the weather the way it is right now we need any source of energy we can get our hands on!

Next week would be the “re-introduction” phase of the programme, where people will add toxins back in to their diet to see the effects it will have on them. Now they have a clean canvas, they can truly monitor wether or not they are intolerant to:
– Wheat

– Sugar

– Dairy

– Alchohol


– Caffeine.

Laura Burgess from Latest 7 magazine shares her experiences in the final week…..

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 By the end of week three it’s the final push in the lead up to Friday’s weigh-in, so it’s all systems go. I instinctively know what I am doing when it comes to preparing food and what to expect at the training classes.

In the Monday beginners’ class, where we meet to discuss our food intake, Christian suggested that as we’re halfway through boot camp, we should consider giving up starchy carbohydrates. The timing for this was slightly off considering I’d just bought a loaf of Rye bread and a bag of buck wheat! I decided not to do this in the third week but save it until the final few days before that dreaded weigh-in. I also went to a cheese and wine party at the weekend and was very disciplined for not touching a drop or having a bite!

My favourite class is definitely the advanced class on Wednesdays, and this week was no exception as to how hard Christian pushed us. In fact, at the intermediate class on Thursday with Mark, it felt like he had noticeably upped the intensity also, and said he wanted us to really go for it in the last few weeks.

During the Wednesday class with Christian, the warm-up is definitely a mini workout itself although I must admit I am managing it a lot better than what I could do just three weeks ago. This time with the Kettlebells we worked in pairs and had to do a set of snatch reps on each arm. We started at ten on the left arm, then our partner would do their set, and we would switch to our right arm. We had to keep alternating in sets from 10 down to 5, maintaining a constant workout. We all did sets of a clean, squat and press and of course it didn’t stop once we finally put the bell down, as we did the plank and sit ups. If there’s one exercise that I really struggle with it’s bicycle sit-ups.

On Thursdays class with Mark, we were split into smaller groups, lined up and each person had to travel to one end of the room and back doing alternate exercises, such as the bear crawl, mountain climbers and lunges, before pacing it back and taking it in turns. It really was a great way to keep the heart rate pumping. We then spent a good 15 minutes doing our kettlebell lifts, double and single arm swings, snatches, and a new one for me, the figure of eight. This means passing the kettlebell between and around the legs!

By the end of the third week I definitely feel more toned and my body shape seems slightly more defined. My energy levels during the class are high and I generally feel fit. I have had the chance to have three lie-ins this week but my body naturally wakes up early. Every time I see my classmates it’s amazing to see their skin glowing and everyone keeps telling one another that they look like they’ve lost weight around their middles! The important message Christian drums into our heads, is that it’s not about losing pounds but turning body fat into muscle. There’s also no greater feeling of satisfaction every time I have finished a session, so as I am heading into my final week I am seriously considering extending my bootcamp by another month. Wish me luck for the weigh in and measurement results on Friday!

The Kettlebell’s classes are open to everyone, whether you’re doing the bootcamp or not:

If you missed the bootcamp this time round, don’t fear…we’ll be doing the next on in June 2012! Message me for details!

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