MMA specific Kettlebell exercise of the week…#2

ZT’s MMA Fighters who attend the Kettlebell Fighter classes defeated their opponants with a display of great skill, power and stamina.
Olli Thompson, fighting at 119kg won his fight on the ground with a Triangle choke.

Kenny Moyston ripped it up using great stamina and determination also winning on the ground.

This week’s MMA Specific Kettlebell Exercise goes to these guys: who both used the ground and pound with great effect. In fact it was this that won Kenny’s fight!

Kenny using the Ground and Pound:

The end result….

The Kettlebell Power Row will give you the rotational strength and endurance needed for ground and pound moves.
Using only the arms, which pull and push the kettlebells, the torso is kept fixed, to allow the core to rotate the torso.
Notice how head is neutral, with eyes fixed just ahead of the feet.

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