MMA fighter Ryan White prepares for big fight….

With only three weeks left to his big fight, Ryan White has been training with Christian Vila to be at his peak of fitness at BAMMA 3 on May 15th 2010 in Birmingham.
Ryan White (6-4-0) fighting out of ZT Fight Skool is known for his ferocious fighting style and rarely has to go beyond the first round to defeat his opponent.
His opponent, Seth Petruzelli is best known for his controversial 14 second knock out of Kimbo Slice. This is going to be an exciting fight!

Already possessing awesome strength, Ryan has been working with Christian on the conditioning and speed aspect of his fitness.
Using the Turbulence training protocol we set up a treadmill and two exercises for four gruelling 5 minute rounds.
The workout involves sprinting on a treadmill for 30 seconds, followed by two barbell exercises: the split thruster and barbell high pulls, ten reps each.
Once this is completed, Ryan goes back to the treadmill which is still running fast for a further 30 seconds, then goes back to the barbell exercises. This goes on for 5 minutes without rest, taxing all the body energy systems to the max. Ryan rests  for 1 minute and repeats the process three times- with one minute rest between rounds- just like a fight.

This workout would have most people puking, but Ryan White’s conditioning is outstanding enough to withstand the battering. Ryan who is training daily leading up to the fight, is confident he can defeat Petruzelli who called Ryan a “Limey bastard” on the Caged Warriors forum. Ryan said “I’ve been called worse”!
Tickets for the fight are available from the LG Arena Box office.

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