I’ve just received two of the hottest training tools in the functional training market!

Having partnered up with The Strength Company (website), I’ll now be stocking all their products. If there’s anything you like the look of, give me a shout.

Firstly we have the Powerwheel an excellent core training tool which has left my abs screaming after a session yesterday!
Power Wheel

Voted “The Best” Core Trainer in the World!

No machine works the abs and back like the Power Wheel.” – Matt Furey, Author of Combat Abs

The Lifeline® Power Wheel dynamically improves core strength, power and balance. Designed to fit hands or feet, the Power Wheel forces your core-muscles to adapt and stabilize with each dynamic move for the strongest back and abs ever!

The Lifeline® Power Wheel was determined to be “The Best Core Trainer in the World” by an independent research study done at the University of California Berkeley…read the review

“I can’t tell you how valuable a component the Power Wheel has become in our strength program here at The University of Montana. There are so many aspects the Wheel covers in our program (i.e. flexibility, core strength, stability) that all our sports use it in their training regimen throughout the entire year.” – Lacey Degnar, Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Montana

Secondly we have the Power Punch. I got this one for use with my boxing and MMA clients, but its a great Cardio workout for any of my clients!

Power Punch


“I’ve trained 3 World Champions with the Lifeline Fitness Cables, and the Power Punch is another winner!” -Mackie Shilstone, Fitness Expert

The 5-in-1 Lifeline® Power Punch works by strengthening specific muscle groups like the arms, shoulders and your core. For Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Karate and Conditioning at the same time, it’s a must for the beginner as well as the serious athlete.

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