Last Woman Standing gets the Kettlebell treatment.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of training Anna Campbell, the winner of the hit TV show: Last Woman Standing.

If you didn’t catch the programme on BBC Three, this awesome TV series follows five British athletes from different sporting backgrounds as they take on the challenge of a lifetime – travelling the world competing with women from remote tribes and cultures. This included some crazy challenges including stick fighting and Buffalo racing.
To give Anna a taste of ZT’s Ultimate Training, Sol Gilbert and Christian Vila went back-to-back to deliver a kick-ass session involving Kettlebells and relentless pad work.

Rounds looked like this-
Kettlebells: 2 minutes:
Snatch left: 30 seconds
Jumping Squats: 30 seconds
Snatch right: 30 seconds
Press ups: 30 seconds
1 minute rest
Pad Work: 2 minutes:
Using punches combos and kicks- non stop.
1 minute rest
Repeat above for 6 rounds.
Using the same determination and fitness that won her the title of Last Woman Standing, Anna got through the session sweaty and exhausted but happy.
She’ll be back for more!

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