Kettlebell training for MMA fighters.

Sol Gilbert invited me to train the MMA boys today at ZT Fight Skool (see Fight Skool)

In attendance where Ryan “The Great” White, Oli Thompson, Sol Gilbert and Kenshiro, Tolly as well as others.

Today’s workout was kept simple as many had not used Kettlebells before. I wanted to teach the guys good form and the skills of kettlebells, and give them a hint of how this would improve their fighting.

The Workout:
1) Dynamic Warm up- joint mobility work.

2) Warm up drill- 90 seconds X 2
2 handed swings- 30 seconds
1 handed swings- 30 seconds
1 handed swings- 30 seconds

This builds up explosive power in the hips for fast sprawls and guard recovery.

3) Complex:
Clean-Squat-Press- using weight which allowed only 8 reps x 3 sets/side

Gets everyone used to the feel of the kettlebell, builds strength in the whole body.

4) Turkish Get Ups- 16KG-20kg
This is where it starts to get interesting- with a move that translates directly to the power you need for ground work in MMA fights.

5) Kettlebell Split Snatch- taken from Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength book, this builds explosive power needed for takedowns.

5) See-Saw Press- light weight 3 x 30 second alternating rounds
For endurance in shoulders- fast and aggressive

6) Power Alternating Rows- light weight- 3 x 30 second alternating rounds
For strength in dominating an opponant, as well as ground and pound in fights

7) Guard Attack- 3 x 30 second alternating rounds
For strength in fighting off an opponant in the mount position. We do alternating kettlebell presses lying on our backs- this fries the abs, chest and shoulders in one hit!

An awesome workout…with lots of sweaty smiley faces at the end!

Bring on the next one!

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