Heavyweight MMA fighter Ollie Thompson begins 11 week training camp.

This week ZT Fight Skool’s Heavyweight fighter, Ollie Thompson began his preparation for what will be the biggest test of his MMA career.

Ollie who won the title Britain’s Strongest Man in 2006, was also ranked in the world strong man top ten. He has also competed in the prestigious World’s Strongest Man competition.

Ollie in action:

He is now persuing a career in Mixed Martial Arts, already winning his first three fights (3-0) with great ferocity. Christian Vila and his revolutionary training techniques has been brought in as Strength and Conditioning coach Ollie’s weekly training sessions leading up to the highly anticipated ZT Fight Night- The Tournament on January 30th in London.
The tournament
The eight confirmed fighters for the tournament are Rob Broughton M1 Challenge Team, James Thompson Pride Veteran, Martin ‘THE OX’ Thompson UK MMA title holder, Tengiz Tedoradze UK MMA legend, Neil Grove UFC Veteran, Karlos Vermola CFC Heavyweight Champion, Oli Thompson former Britain’s Strongest Man and Neil Wain UFC Veteran.
This is going to be one not to miss!

Strongman attitude

Using his wealth of training knowledge, Christian will be pushing Ollie to his mental and physical limits, both of which are very strong thanks to his strongman training.

 Ollie’s mental attitude is what allows him to move his 125kg frame for extended periods, like someone weighing in at 85kg. Christian, who always tests circuits and programmes on himself was truly shocked to see how quickly Ollie finished his circuit despite his size.
The test
Using a Concept Rower and Kettlebells, Christian decided to test Ollie’s power and endurance with a series of gruelling exercises running against the clock.

 Ollie finished the circuit in 23 non-stop minutes and even had enough for some core work at the end. 

Keep checking back to see how Ollie’s training is progressing leading up to the big day!
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