Fitpro Spring Convention- Loughborough- some notes.

Still buzzing from the biggest Fitness industry event in the UK, the Fitpro Spring Convnention, I’m now planning how to implement all these crazy ideas I’ve picked up over the weekend.

Held at Loughborough University, the weekend allows you to attend various lectures and workshops on subjects of your choice. It’s a killer with 8am starts and 6pm finishes.

I was lucky enough to meet Paul Chek, the Holistic Health Practictioner who taught me some excellent postural exercises using the Swiss ball. Diet guru John Berardi showed us his blueprint for putting on size on the smallest of clients using the correct nutrition, supplement and training techniques.

Rather dissappointing was the legendary Charles Poliquin who seemed very detached from the audience. This guy know his stuff, and his (high paying) clients always get results. But his presentation skills are terrible.

The (soon to be) Boxing heavyweight champion of the world David Haye launched the new Boxing specific certification for trainers called Outbox.

I was keen to do this….till I attended their presentation. They where arrogant, frequently joked around in the presentation and took the piss out of other trainers. Shame, as I was keen on this one!

One re-occuring theme that came out at the lectures was the need to supplement with fish oils for fat loss, and the need to do resistance training for weight loss….not just cardio.

I now pity my clint, as I also picked up a tornado ball (see pic) and Heavy Indian club bell, so look out for those! 😉

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