Elimination Diet review….

Thanks to Craig Lowe (http://craigseliminationdiet.blogspot.com/?spref=fb) for sharing his experience on the Elimination Diet…as used in our recent New Year- New You bootcamp…..

Elimination Diet:Results and ‘after’photos

Seriously I am quiet impressed with myself for doing the 30 days without (as far as I’m aware) having anything off the banned list. When I first started this I thought I might slip up somewhere and either admit it, or say nothing and carry on, thankfully I didn’t have to do either.

But you just want to hear about the results (and some topless photos ha ha)
So here we go, I’ll start with any low points – this is where you’d expect me to go on about cravings and really looking forward to some ‘treats’ as I probably was too, but to be honest my body doesn’t need it or crave any of those ‘treats” (chocolate in my case) I can easily walk past sweets shelves and not actually be bothered, a very different story from 31days ago, or even the first week, where it was a constant battle of will power to not buy that one, tiny, won’t make any difference, its only one, bar of chocolate.
The first few days are obviously the hardest, with the headaches (3 days) the sleep problems, due to the headaches, the cravings, feeling tired and breaking those food habits you had, although if you know these are coming and why there happening (toxins getting put back into the bloodstream to be processed, and some withdrawal symptoms thrown in too, maybe) then you have a greater chance of working your way through it.

Truthfully that was it for me, the first 5 days (at most) then it has all been plus points as I’ll explain.

So what did I gain from giving up all these ‘treat’ foods ?  Well here is the list –

1. Fat Loss – Starting weight 3/1/11  13st 1lb or 83Kg,  Finishing Weight – 11st 12lb or 75.5Kg a grand total of 16lbs or 7.5Kg .
Amazing eh ? I can’t believe it myself actually, especially after watching Britain’s Biggest Loser, when some of then actually lost no weight at all last week !!!
The weight came off like this. First week 4lbs, Second week 5lbs, Third week 4lbs, Fourth week 3lbs, now some of you may be thinking this is too much weight to lose so quickly (you’ve heard you should only lose 1-2lbs a week), or I must not be eating anything, starving the weight off.
Well nothing could be further from the truth, for the first point, your body doesn’t want or need to be carrying excess fat around with it, as soon as you stop feeding your body (excuse the french) crap food, and start giving it the tools it needs to operate correctly, it will ditch that fat as quickly as it can,


Secondly I have not stopped eating, especially once you get your taste buds back working and actually taste real food again, so none of this, small rabbit size portions for me, I listen to my body now, if I’m hungry I eat, when my body says stop I stop eating, simple eh ? But the way everyone should eat.

2. Sleep patterns – Now I have never been a great sleeper, waking up 3 or 4 times a night, not for long, but every night, as I said before except for the first week, due to the headaches (and a couple of days, which I now blame on a full moon, my client told me that ?)  I have went to my bed, actually ready to sleep and slept all the way through, till either just before my alarm or by the alarm, feeling rested and ready for the new day, not the usual taking half an hour (or a coffee) to actually get me moving ! Until your getting that good, restful sleep, you don’t actually realise how much you actually do need it.

3. Energy Levels – Now I’ve never been someone lacking in energy, but as with most people had the odd dip during the day, or after finished work and sneaked in a wee catnap, now my energy levels are high all the time, all day, until I go to bed, where I’m ready to sleep. Funnily enough one of my clients was asking me if my energy levels were still high, after me telling him how high they were last week, but the strange thing was, that I had to think about it, because this new found energy has actually became ‘normal’ for me, so doesn’t feel as massive as it did when I started feeling this way. And boy is it a good feeling to have day in day out.

4. Recovery Levels – My training sessions have always been tough, intense and draining, which they were during the 30days too, the difference being recovery, usually after a tough workout, that’s me for the day, not actually unable to function, but my body is tired and not up to doing anything else that day, now within a few hours I feel refreshed, revitalised and ready to go, and on some days I actually did just that, weight sessions then a run or even 2 runs in the one day, as my body is starting to function correctly, the organs and repair processes are fired up and working super efficiently, being given all the nutritional support from my high nutrient, high variety diet.

5. Skin – Now I have never had any skin problems, but the difference in my skin is extremely noticeable, even for me, my complexion has a healthy glow, which has actually led to people thinking I’ve been on the sunbeds (the photos later will show, I’ve not ha ha)

6. Strength and Endurance – I have seen, a slightly higher than normal increase in my strength and a huge difference in my endurance, especially running, but the weight loss obviously helps that too.

7. Health – Last but certainly not least, I feel what I can only describe as, clean and lighter inside ! This is due to less inflammation of my joints and my digestive system, its amazing what you think is normal is far from it, the difference now is so far away from where I started, 31 days ago, when I thought I felt good, shows you what I knew.

8. Breaking bad habits – The longer the ED went on the more I have realised, how unimportant all those ‘can’t give up’ food and drinks are, I feel way better without them, it really makes me wonder why I ever thought I needed them or why I thought i was treating myself by having them. Even tonight when I could of bought anything I ‘wanted’ I just don’t see the point.
I will  still go out for a drink and have dessert at dinner, but it won’t be regular and I’ll be right back on track next day.

Next up, things that I have found really beneficial and hopefully may help anyone else doing this challenge.

Supplements, I haven’t used that many, but these are the ones I did you use and found most useful, but you may need different options.
Alkalising Salts – I have these everyday, especially as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, this kick starts your metabolism, helps get your system into a more alkaline state, which helps get more oxygen into blood and sets you up for a good digestive day.
Milk Thistle –  This is especially good when detoxing as it helps the liver function and in liver repair.
Amino work capacity – My pre workout drink, which floods your blood stream with amino acids and actually helps produce ATP, which your body uses for energy, hence you last longer while working out.
Vitamin C – An amazing vitamin, which humans cannot produce, I feel everyone should take Vitamin C everyday, to help your immune system, fight illness, I’ve no idea the last time I had a cold.
Fish Oils – A high quality fish oil is essential too (not cod liver) high in omega 3, EPA and DHA.s



Without proper preparation and good shopping habits, you ED journey can become very hard, knowing what you need, when you need it, may seem tedious and boring, but once you get into the habit of it, believe me it is very very simple.
Shopping and preparation tips – Buy organic as much as you can, food shop when your not hungry, shopping after a tiring day, when your hungry, tired and just want to eat, can lead to bad choices, stay away from the aisles that sell processed food, sweets, ice cream, alcohol etc, you know there’s nothing in those aisles you can have, so why go there ? As I said to someone the other day, I walk past mothercare everyday, but never go in, because I know there is nothing in there I want or need, why go down the chocolate aisle ??

Try to buy local, in season produce, look for farm shops or as I do a local fishmonger van, who can tell you exactly where everything was caught.
If you don’t want to or don’t have time to cook every night, make some one pot wonders, there are recipes in previous blogs, this doesn’t take anymore time than making one meal, but you can freeze extra portions and you know you have a healthy convenient meal in the house, if you want it.
While making your evening meal, make your breakfast and lunch for the next day, again going out for lunch can lead to very bad food choices.
Read labels, it will amaze you what is in some ‘healthy unprocessed’ foods.

So my 30 days are up, what now ?
Well I decided a while back as I finished on a Wednesday, i would carry it on 100% till the weekend, but I have now booked myself on a Strength and conditioning course next week, so plan to carry it on until next Friday (11th Feb), which will be interesting to see how I go on that, with my new found energy, so I will keep this blog running, maybe not everyday, and Internet connection dependent through the whole of next week and on going, when I’ll start reintroducing banned foods and see if I have any reaction, so keep checking for new updates, the journey is far from over, may even have after course photos !

One thing that I could do without is when explaining the ED to people the first question I get back in most cases is “Whats can you eat ?” AAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!
Hopefully after following this you have became aware of just a little section of what you can eat, out of the hundreds of choices available.

Would I recommend the Elimination Diet to you ? DEFINITELY ! This is easily the best health related thing I have ever done, including all the different training methods and tools, I have used, nothing has got me feeling as good as I do today, and definitely nothing as quick as this.

So a round up – 30 days – 16lb lost, energy levels high, sleep restful and all night, recovery levels high,  downsides none !

If you think you can’t do this, its a bit extreme for you, you have to do one of two things, think again, this is easily doable for anyone, ask yourself how important your actual health is to you, 30 days is not a long time, no matter what you think.
Its a very short time, considering all you have to GAIN and the only thing you’ll lose is body fat and an unhealthy body and life.



Well done Craig…awesome effort and results! This is only the beginning bro!
You can read the rest of Craig’s in-depth daily blog here:

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