DAY 2: Crossfit Certification

Waking at 7am, my whole body was sore and tight in all the wrong places! Man this was gonna be hard! Hopefully you read the report from Day 1 (below), Day 2 also had some nice little surprises up its sleeve!

The format was similar, learn some moves and the theory behing them, then practice them in front of your group till you get it right!
The cherry of the day was the four station circuit: Pull ups, then snatches, then ring muscle-ups, then a monster workout involving some med balls and push ups! (see pic below!)
You had to do 7 med ball cleans (10kg), run to the far end of the hall, then do 7 press ups, run back to the ball and repeat over and over….for 10 minutes!

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the professional Crossfit Cert team, who led with inspiration and true professionalism. Thanks also to Sol and Alex for sharing this wicked weekend with me…now let’s go kill some clients!

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