Combat Ready Training- The Tail Pipe

Fighters from the ZT Fight Skool team got together with me for some strength and conditioning. After a rigorous warm up using tabata and bodyweight, and mat based crawls,  few I subjected them to the “Tail Pipe” protocol- a truly sickening workout which has you working with a partner.

Anybody who has wrestled, sparred in BJJ or fought in MMA will know what it feels like to try and breathe whilst pinned to the ground or against the cage. The Tail Pipe builds resistance and endurance in these situations.

The Workout
Originally a Gym Jones protocol, Tail Pipe is 3 rounds of a 250m row followed by 2x 24kg Kettlebell rack holds. 
As one partner holds the kettlebells in the rack, the other rows. As soon as they finish their row, you switch positions- repeat this three times….as these are tough lads, we did it for four rounds!

The guys loved this workout, so it will definitely be coming back soon!

Dedicated to those fighting in the upcoming ZT Amateur Tournament and ZT Fight Night.

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