Christian to Certify with JC Santana as an MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Christian to gain his MMA Strength and Conditioning Certification- this Friday!

This weekend I’ll have the honour of training with one of the world’s leading Strength and Conditioning coaches from the U.S.A.

JC Santana is the owner and director of IHP and has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on training and performance. Men’s Journal voted JC as one of the top 100 Personal Trainers in the United States, and Men’s Health voted IHP as one of the top 20 facilities in the USA.

JC Santana has dedicated his years of research and practical knowledge of the fitness industry into creating world class training products and programs.
Many of the tools I use at my classes, in particular the Kettlebell Fighter classes, have been developed by JC. It will be an honour to train under him and come back with lot’s of great ideas for our training in Hove!

Get ready guys…I’m going to come back AMPED from this course!

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