You can now buy your Kettlebells direct from Brighton Kettlebells!
Save money by picking them up from our store at Cheetahs Gym, Hove…..or have them delivered to any address in the UK.

All our Kettlebells are premium grade cast iron, as used in our classes.
These have a slim handle, and ergonomic design which has the ball sitting correctly on the forearm, and come with a 1- year guarantee!

Every Kettlebell sold comes with a Free Workout plan to do at home, as well as a Free Pass to any class on the Brighton Kettlebells timetable.

To order please e-mail Christian for a quote, stating if you need Postage.

Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebells

Product list:

4kg- £10.50

6kg- £16.50

8kg- £19.50

10kg (Black Rubber)- £35

12kg- £31.50

14kg (Black Rubber)- £46.50

16kg- £42.0

20kg- £51.50

24kg- £63.00

28kg- £70.50

32kg- £78.50

40kg- £92.50