I took my good friend Kelvin Gardener (Cheetahs Gym/ Strength-Tec Gym) along to meet Andrew Stemler of Crossfit London fame, for the Crossfit London Kettlebell Seminar, in Beckton, London.
Held on the 16th July, 2008 at the East London Gymnastics club, the seminar showed us how to safely do the fundamental kettlebell moves including of my faves, the Turkish Get-up.

As well as witnessing Andrew’s comical style, it was great to see a different perspective on the exercises and their execution.

I’d always heard Crossfit had some controversial ways of doing things, which is why Kelvin and I decided to check this workshop out!

Brighton Kettlebells is always open to new ideas and accepts there are many ways of doing the tried and tested. Most notable was the increased range of motion used in the Kettlebell swing.

At Brighton Kettlebells we take the kettlebebell swing up to around chest level, using primarily the hips, letting it float momentarily before letting gravity take it down between the legs. Not in Crossfit! Crossfit enforces a Kettlebell swing which is not for the faint hearted, it rises way above the head, taken to an almost overhead position, before letting gravity do it’s thing.

This is typical of Crossfit, grab a difficult move, and make it harder, to maximise pain, increase aerobic output and calorific expenditure! Needless to say, Brighton Kettlebell classes should see some of these variations peppered in to workouts to keep people on their toes….just when they thought it was all getting easy……..

A huge thank you to Andrew for having us up and if any of you fancy giving this 3-hour workshop a go, go to the Crossfit London for the next dates:

The Accelerated Learning Workshop on Brighton Beach is still available at the discounted price of £65.
Book your place at:

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