Brighton Kettlebells has introduced a new membership package which allows people under the age of 21 years to attend unlimited Kettlebell classes to help tackle the increasing levels of obesity among teenagers. Owner and operator, Christian Vila said: “With ever increasing levels of inactivity in school leavers, this has become a serious problem which needs to be tackled now!”

At just £20 per month, children from 16 years old will be able to participate in any of the five weekly kettlebells classes held in Hove, East Sussex. Classes incorporate fun exercises done with Kettlebells which burn fat, improve muscle tone and flexibility in a safe and effective way. These are coupled with bodyweight exercises for a truly holistic approach to training.

“The government just isn’t doing enought to tackle the obesity epidemic”, says Christian, “so it’s down to organisations like us to take positive steps to counter it”.

Children are playing more computer games and eating more junk, resulting in more calories being stored as bodyfat. Teenagers just aren’t moving enough.
In the sessions, everyone under the age of 21 will receive advice on what to eat and a sheet detailing healthy diets to help educate teenagers as many don’t know what to eat.
To sign up please see: BRIGHTON KETTLEBELLS or contact Christian on 07876-558850.

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  1. Mike Ashworth
    Posted 22/10/2009 at 10:49 am | Permalink

    definitely required Christian.

    In fact I was reading an article yesterday which stated that obesity is reaching pandemic proportions.

    perhaps we should be more concerned with this than swine flu!

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