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Get adventurous with your food!

Exotic meats and seafood are the perfect centre piece for the ultimate dine-in experience but we’re often asked; “why should I chose exotic meats over traditional”?

Here’s what they say:

Exotic meats and seafood are a fantastic talking point around any dinner table.

Our meats have even been named among the Top 50 Foods within the UK as well as being awarded multiple awards by the guild of fine foods.

They’re healthy, lean, and low in fat as well as being packed full of naturally nutritious flavours making them a key part of a balanced diet.

Our next day delivery service is as reliable as they come with deliveries being made Tuesday to Friday every week. Don’t forget, if you spend over £60, it’s Free!

We have absolute confidence in all of our exotic meats, game and seafood, so if you’re not 100% completely satisfied we offer a no quibble money backguarantee on everything!


  1. Simply go to:
  2. Place your order,
  3. Enter the following code in the discount box: VILAPT41
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Summer SALE on now! Save 25% off our 3 month membership!

With the summer months in full swing, we at Brighton Kettlebells thought

you’d love this offer for training!

Look fab and feel great this summer at Brighton Kettlebells with our new summer offer.

Save 25% off your monthly Direct Debit on a 3 month membership agreement –

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What are you waiting for? Get back to training this August with this fantastic offer.

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This exclusive offer ends midnight Saturday 31st August.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer available to new members only.

3 month membership is only available on a 3 month Unlimited classes
rolling Direct Debit membership.
25% saving is based on a 3 month membership rate.
3 monthly Direct Debits are required as a minimum.
Offer available until midnight Saturday 31st August.



Offer ends Saturday 31st August!

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Double Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning and Strength Workout by Lauren Brooks.

Big thanks to On The Edge Fitness for this awesome double kettlebell workout!

Classes are buzzing at both our locations right now, so come check us out for FREE by clicking here:


Last night’s Advanced Kettlebell class at St Phillips Church, Hove.

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Wheat- your daily poison?


All of this could well be down to your daily consumption of wheat!

How many of you reading this knows of someone with a wheat intolerance?

Do you think you’re any different?

You see, as a species, we humans are not supposed to eat wheat. It behaves like a poison in the body, leading to many ailments and diseases.

As you read this, you know deep down that if you eat bread it makes you feel bloated and tired. This is your body telling its not good!

I now train people who regularly talk about Irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis and Crohn’s disease in their lives. Coeliac disease now affects one in a 100 people, other wheat intolerances probably more.

How is this so?

We have bred wheat to produce high quantities in intensive growing conditions, (much like milk and meat) with no guarantee of its nutritional quality; modern varieties have 30-50 per cent fewer minerals than traditional ones. White flour has up to 88 per cent less of a range of minerals and vitamins than whole wheat.
That’s nuts!

Worse still, enzymes, often genetically modified, are added to flour and dough to make the fluffy, big loaves you see on your supermarket shelves.

Furthermore, recent research suggests that one enzyme, transglutaminase, used in food manufacturing and baking, may actually turn some of the gliadin protein in wheat flour into a form that can be toxic to some people.
This also applies to your “Organic stoneground omega-infused” luxury bread you always buy from Tescos or Waitrose, thinking its good for you!
The real problem lies in the fact that we tend to over-rely on wheat. It is convenient and cheap.

wheat-transparent copy

Having read so much about the evils of wheat I decided to try giving it up for 25 days alongside the Guaranteed Results Bootcamp back in 2009.
I have never looked back….the results where outstanding!
My energy went through the roof, my skin condition improved, and I lost the bloat, which I thought was part of my normal day.
Don’t get me wrong, if I go out for a meal I’ll splash out and have some bread once a week. But wheat does NOT exist in my daily diet.

If you look in my cupboards you won’t see:

  • Pasta
  • Bread- all forms.
  • Biscuits or crackers.
  • Pre-made sauces
  • Baked goods.
  • Beer
  • Tinned soup

…the list goes on!

So my number one tip to kick- start your Summer….drop WHEAT from your diet!

Have Rye, Spelt and sweet potatoes instead, and increase vegetable intake.

You’ll feel amazing, lose weight and avoid the conditions that plague everyone around you!


Are you ready to give up your daily poison?

Wheat is one of the five toxins we eliminate in our Beach Body Bootcamp, made easier with the help of a group setting and easy to follow eating plan!

For more info and to enrol go to:


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Due to Bank Holiday!

But do not fear! You can get you Kettlebell- fix this week here:

Tuesday: 8pm at St Phillips Church Hall, Hove.

Wednesday: 7pm at Vardnean School, Brighton

Saturday: 9.30am at Varndean School, Brighton.

See you there!

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