Thinking of coming back? Last chance deal for payday!

Not training with Brighton Kettlebells any more?

Maybe you got too busy at work?

Maybe you lost motivation?

Or maybe you just got plain lazy?!

Well we’ve got a special offer to get you back in the swing of things!

Unlimited Kettlebell classes for just £19 in April!

Purchase a 1-month pass between 20th- 31st March for just £19!

(Pass is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase, and is only available to NEW members and past members, which have not trained in February or March).

What are you waiting for? Take this amazing offer today!

Click here:

1) Simply click the button above.

2) Come to any class of your choice! We recommend Mondays at Varndean School (8pm) to get you back in the swing of things!

2) Show the instructor your payment confirmation and voila!

3) You will then be given a 1 month Unlimited card to use as you like!

You also have the option of paying the instructor taking the class in cash.

Don’t delay! This offer is only valid from Wednesday 19th March- Monday 31st March, 2014!


Contact Christian on 07876-558850 or

Spring 2014 TIMETABLE


  • 8pm-9pm  (Beginners) St Philips Church Hall, Hove


  • 8pm-9pm  (Advanced) St Philips Church Hall, Hove


  • 7pm-8pm (Intermediate) Varndean School, Brighton


  • 7.30pm- 8.30pm (Intermediate) Varndean School, Brighton


  • 9.30am-10.30am (Intermediate) Varndean School, Brighton
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Review our services!

Loving our classes?
Please take a moment to write a quick review on Freeindex.
This only take a few moments and is very important to us!

Visit Brighton Kettlebells – Health and Fitness Club on FreeIndex
Thank you!Christian Vila.

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Some discount codes on food delivery websites!


I’ve got a couple of cool discount codes for you to use at two website I have food delivered from!

1. Graze

This cool company will deliver a box of snack straight to your home or work and you can try the first and fifth box for FREE!

Go to:

You’ll get your code automatically credited when using the above link.
Please note you’ll need to customise your box so you don’t receive any chocolate or sugared snacks!
This is easily done once you claim your first free box.

2. Kezie Foods.
Delivers exotic, free range and grass-fed meat and fish to your doorstep! Its all frozen so you can keep a batch in your freezer and you’ll never run out of healthy food!

Go to:

Once you’ve placed your order use the following code: VILAPT41

This will give you 10% off any order with no minimum amount needed!


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How not to fail your New Year’s resolutions!

It may seem a little early in the month to be talking about failing New Year’s resolutions, but in my experience- prevention is better than cure!

Here are some tips on how to keep to your resolutions- follow these and make 2014 a successful year!

1. Make the resolutions REALISTIC! Don’t aim to run a Marathon in Spring if you haven’t started jogging yet… make the resolutions achievable to avoid dissapointment. Put together a plan and stick to it.


2. FUN should be the key to your resolutions…don’t go for boring goals- the more exciting the better! Aim for something that will inspire you and keep you excited for the rest of the year. It doesn’t always have to be diet or booze related!

3. Try something NEW! Try a new sport, a new class or learn a new skill. Don’t be afraid to do what you’ve been putting off for ages! Why not try our Brighton Kettlebell classes for FREE? Click here for more info: TRY FOR FREE.


4.  WRITE down your resolutions and put this in a prominent place for you to see. If its diet related keep it in the kitchen, if its fitness related put it somewhere near your sports kit. And NO…this doesn’t include the Wii-Fit!

5. Tell OTHERS about your intentions. The more people you tell the more support you’ll have and the more likely you are to stick to your goals.

6. TEAM UP with others with similar goals or aspirations. Join a team or a group class which will keep you motivated and inspired when things are getting hard. The New Year New You Guranteed Results programme starts on the 11th January and is a great way to kick- start your 2014!
See: New Year- New You.

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     7. Enlist a Personal trainer or coach. These professionals will help you set realistic and  measurable goals- and give you the motivation to keep going! Ensure the Personal trainer is certified and insured! Christian Vila Personal Training will aid you in setting goals and putting together a training/ diet programme to achieve those goals.
8. If you fall, jump back on!
Don’t give up as soon as you slip up. Remind yourself why you’ve set a goal and give it another go! You will probably be more motivated not to fail again the second time round!

Follow these steps and you’re sure to succeed! Good luck and make 2014 your best year yet!
Christian Vila,
Brighton Kettlebells.

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Christmas and New Year Timetable is here!


We strive to keep classes going as much as possible over the holiday season so you can get your training fix and beat the christmas bulge!

Here goes!

December 2013

Sat 21st Hannah/ Yasmin
Mon 23rd Yasmin
Tue 24th No class.
Wed 25th No class.
Sat 28th No class.
Mon 30th Yasmin.
Tue 31st No class.
January 2014  
Wed 1st No class.
Thur 2nd No class.
Sat 4th No class
Mon 6th Yasmin
Tue 7th Lucy

We’ll be making the Mon 23rd and Mon 30th classes Intermediate (not advanced) to make this open to everyone!

Don’t forget we have the New Year New You bootcamp starting on the the 11th January, 2014!
This is a great way to kick- start your 2014 with some amazing results on your fitness and body shape!

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