Kettlebell training for MMA fighters.

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Come and try the Battling Ropes!

This Wednesday, anyone attending the Bodyblast Advanced Kettlebell class will be able to use the latest training tool in fitness…Battling ropes!

These amazing ropes have been voted top cardio exercise by Men’s Health in the U.S, a true testament to their effectiveness at torching bodyfat at an alarming rate.

Just 30 seconds on these leave you feeling winded! We’ll be experimenting with new drills, implementing them within kettlebell circuits.

Ropes Gone Wild – Just Voted Best New Cardio Tool by Men’s Health Magazine from art of strength on Vimeo.

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Stop putting it off….

If I had a penny for every time people told me they where coming to my class, but didn’t I’d be very rich!

So let’s take action people! With no less than four classes to choose from, there can be no excuses!
Anyone responding to this blog will get their first class free when signing up to a block!
This week’s classes:

Tuesday 10th March: 7.30pm@ Cheetahs Gym (All levels)
Wednesday 11th March: 7.30pm@ Cheetahs Gym (Advanced Class)
Thursday 12th March: 7:30pm@ ZT (Beginner/Intermidiate)
Saturday 14th March: 12:30noon@ ZT (Beginner/Intermidiate)

Please confirm which you’d like to attend and I’ll be sure to put you on the list!
E-mail Christian at or text: 07876-558850

See you there!

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He’s back with a vengeance!

All Kettlebell classes are back to normal!

This week I have no less than three classes for you to choose from:

Wednesday 4th March: 7pm@ Cheetahs Gym (Advanced Class)
Thursday 5th March: 7:30pm@ ZT (Beginner/Intermidiate)
Saturday 7th March: 12:30noon (Beginner/Intermidiate)

Please confirm which you’d like to attend if you haven’t done so already!

See you there!


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I’ve learnt to Kitesurf!!

I haven’t been lazing all this holiday! Today marks a monumental occassion, I achieved a surf in Kitesurfing today!
After 3 days, today I was able to stand up using a 12 metre (thats huge!) Kite to propel me across the crystal clear waters in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Taught by a wicked French Kitesurf professional, I finally cracked it! Its an amazing experience!
Just flying the kite is hard enough! You constantly have to battle with the wind to prevent the kite from pulling you in the wrong direction! In my time at the Kite Club, my school for the three days, I saw many beginners getting dragged, wiping out and getting tangled with other kiters. I’ve never seen so many kites! Kites everywhere!, all sizes and all colours! At one point I counted up to fifty plus kiters in the water, its like the M25 with kites!
I now fully intend to become an “independent” rider, by taking some more lessons back in Brighton, although it won’t be as lush as doing it in boardshorts and sunnies!

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