Fitpro Spring Convention- Loughborough- some notes.

Still buzzing from the biggest Fitness industry event in the UK, the Fitpro Spring Convnention, I’m now planning how to implement all these crazy ideas I’ve picked up over the weekend.

Held at Loughborough University, the weekend allows you to attend various lectures and workshops on subjects of your choice. It’s a killer with 8am starts and 6pm finishes.

I was lucky enough to meet Paul Chek, the Holistic Health Practictioner who taught me some excellent postural exercises using the Swiss ball. Diet guru John Berardi showed us his blueprint for putting on size on the smallest of clients using the correct nutrition, supplement and training techniques.

Rather dissappointing was the legendary Charles Poliquin who seemed very detached from the audience. This guy know his stuff, and his (high paying) clients always get results. But his presentation skills are terrible.

The (soon to be) Boxing heavyweight champion of the world David Haye launched the new Boxing specific certification for trainers called Outbox.

I was keen to do this….till I attended their presentation. They where arrogant, frequently joked around in the presentation and took the piss out of other trainers. Shame, as I was keen on this one!

One re-occuring theme that came out at the lectures was the need to supplement with fish oils for fat loss, and the need to do resistance training for weight loss….not just cardio.

I now pity my clint, as I also picked up a tornado ball (see pic) and Heavy Indian club bell, so look out for those! šŸ˜‰

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MMA specific Kettlebell exercise of the week…#2

ZT’s MMA Fighters who attend the Kettlebell Fighter classes defeated their opponants with a display of great skill, power and stamina.
Olli Thompson, fighting at 119kg won his fight on the ground with a Triangle choke.

Kenny Moyston ripped it up using great stamina and determination also winning on the ground.

This week’s MMA Specific Kettlebell Exercise goes to these guys: who both used the ground and pound with great effect. In fact it was this that won Kenny’s fight!

Kenny using the Ground and Pound:

The end result….

The Kettlebell Power Row will give you the rotational strength and endurance needed for ground and pound moves.
Using only the arms, which pull and push the kettlebells, the torso is kept fixed, to allow the core to rotate the torso.
Notice how head is neutral, with eyes fixed just ahead of the feet.

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MMA specific Kettlebell exercise of the week……

This week’s Kettlebell Fighter at ZT Fight Skool (Fight Skool) went down a storm!
Amongst the fighters in attendance where Olli Thompson and Kenshiro, both preparing for their bouts at ZT’s Fight Night 15, taking place this Friday.

After a dynamic warm up, we started the session with some swings, snatches and clean and presses to get the body flowing.

We then unleashed the mother of all kettlebell exercises: the Full Body Defense.

This is one Mike Mahler’s favourite MMA specific exercises (Aggressive Strength), which really delivers a punch!

Full Body Defense

An MMA fighter needs to be able to go from the feet to the ground rapidly to avoid takedowns. That is precisely what the “Full Body Defense” will assist you with. The “Full Body Defense” will get you in shape and build incredible muscular endurance when done for high reps. Start the exercise by cleaning two kettlebells to your shoulders. Push your pelvis at the top of the clean so that that you can press your elbows against your stomach and keep the kettlebells tucked in. Take the kettlebells to the floor in the clean position.

Now jump back while still holding onto the kettlebells and arch your back. When executed properly, you will look like you are doing a yoga stretch. Immediately jump back into the clean position, clean the kettlebells, and then proceed with another rep. Again, work on doing three sets of five, two to three times a week. After you have the technique down, work up to three sets of ten.

This exercise is not only for fighters. It will get you in shape and burn calories at an alarming rate! Not only will it make you strong, but will make you lean, flexible and powerful.
Give it a go and let me know how you get on!


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I’ve just received two of the hottest training tools in the functional training market!

Having partnered up with The Strength Company (website), I’ll now be stocking all their products. If there’s anything you like the look of, give me a shout.

Firstly we have the Powerwheel an excellent core training tool which has left my abs screaming after a session yesterday!
Power Wheel

Voted “The Best” Core Trainer in the World!

No machine works the abs and back like the Power Wheel.” – Matt Furey, Author of Combat Abs

The LifelineĀ® Power Wheel dynamically improves core strength, power and balance. Designed to fit hands or feet, the Power Wheel forces your core-muscles to adapt and stabilize with each dynamic move for the strongest back and abs ever!

The LifelineĀ® Power Wheel was determined to be “The Best Core Trainer in the World” by an independent research study done at the University of California Berkeley…read the review

“I can’t tell you how valuable a component the Power Wheel has become in our strength program here at The University of Montana. There are so many aspects the Wheel covers in our program (i.e. flexibility, core strength, stability) that all our sports use it in their training regimen throughout the entire year.” – Lacey Degnar, Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Montana

Secondly we have the Power Punch. I got this one for use with my boxing and MMA clients, but its a great Cardio workout for any of my clients!

Power Punch


“I’ve trained 3 World Champions with the Lifeline Fitness Cables, and the Power Punch is another winner!” -Mackie Shilstone, Fitness Expert

The 5-in-1 LifelineĀ® Power Punch works by strengthening specific muscle groups like the arms, shoulders and your core. For Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Karate and Conditioning at the same time, itā€™s a must for the beginner as well as the serious athlete.

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Kettlebell training for MMA fighters.

Sol Gilbert invited me to train the MMA boys today at ZT Fight Skool (see Fight Skool)

In attendance where Ryan “The Great” White, Oli Thompson, Sol Gilbert and Kenshiro, Tolly as well as others.

Today’s workout was kept simple as many had not used Kettlebells before. I wanted to teach the guys good form and the skills of kettlebells, and give them a hint of how this would improve their fighting.

The Workout:
1) Dynamic Warm up- joint mobility work.

2) Warm up drill- 90 seconds X 2
2 handed swings- 30 seconds
1 handed swings- 30 seconds
1 handed swings- 30 seconds

This builds up explosive power in the hips for fast sprawls and guard recovery.

3) Complex:
Clean-Squat-Press- using weight which allowed only 8 reps x 3 sets/side

Gets everyone used to the feel of the kettlebell, builds strength in the whole body.

4) Turkish Get Ups- 16KG-20kg
This is where it starts to get interesting- with a move that translates directly to the power you need for ground work in MMA fights.

5) Kettlebell Split Snatch- taken from Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength book, this builds explosive power needed for takedowns.

5) See-Saw Press- light weight 3 x 30 second alternating rounds
For endurance in shoulders- fast and aggressive

6) Power Alternating Rows- light weight- 3 x 30 second alternating rounds
For strength in dominating an opponant, as well as ground and pound in fights

7) Guard Attack- 3 x 30 second alternating rounds
For strength in fighting off an opponant in the mount position. We do alternating kettlebell presses lying on our backs- this fries the abs, chest and shoulders in one hit!

An awesome workout…with lots of sweaty smiley faces at the end!

Bring on the next one!

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