Christian interviews Britain’s strongest man, Ollie Thompson

…shot the week before their succesful bouts, Ollie Thompson and Ryan White speak to strength and conditioning coach, Christian Vila about their training and the tools they use at the Kettlebell Fighter class at ZT Fight Skool.

Ryan went on to win his fight against Earl Brown at FX3 at York Hall, Bethnal Green in London, using a deadly elbow in the first round.

Ollie also won his fight last Saturday, at Fight Night in Hove against Ashley Pollard via G’n’P in the first round.

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Silvia Elia snatches the 16kg for time!

A true display of what can be achieved if you put the time and effort in!
Silvia Elia showed a lot of the boys how to work it, by snatching a static kettlebell (that is a dead weight from the floor!) for reps during our killer circuit today!

Silvia is a regular attendant to Brighton Kettlebell Fitness Classes, often clocking up three classes a week minimum!

Silvia warming up with some Turkish Get ups.

This results in not only a physique to be proud of, but excellent strength and technique in most exercises.

For this reason, Silvia will be awarded the rare, limited edition Black Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt, complete with the winged logo and distressed lettering.

This will be awarded to those who show determination, work hard and frequently attend classes.

Silvia is our Brighton Kettlebells Freak of the Week!

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Christian put the ZT boys through their paces!

Kettlebell Fighter Class: ZT Fight Skool every week!
Taking your fitness to the next level, we use Kettlebells and Sandbags to boost power, stamina and strength.
These skills can then be applied in fighting situations, enabling you to out-last and over-power your opponant in the ring.
Also featured are Lifeline’s Powerwheel for intense ab-work, and Lifeline’s Power Punch to boost punching power and strength. These two pieces of equipment rock!
In the background you can see Oli Thompson training for his debut MMA fight at Fight Night, which he won.
Video courtesy of Jason Baney.

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Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

…to get you through the Kettlebell Fighter class?

Come on down…this Thursday -2pm@ ZT Fight Skool!

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Since it’s birth back in March 2009, the Kettlebell Fighter class has grown in to a popular class which is guaranteed to exceed all expectations!
Fighters from all disciplines and all around Sussex meet at 2pm every Thursday, at ZT Fight Skool in Hove.
Heavyweights such as Strongman champion Oli Thompson (see website), and soon to fight, Ryan “the great” White regularly attend, alongside ZT’s own Sol Gilbert and Kenny Moyston…a very powerful and effective MMA fighter who won his last fight by knock out.

Christian, from Brighton Kettlebells has formed strong links with The Strength Company to obtain some of the best Functional training equipment available.

In the video you’ll see us using sandbags, JC Santana’s “Predator, medicine balls, Battling Ropes and of course Kettlebells!

Drills last 30 seconds each, and we keep going from station to station for five minutes for top conditioning in and out of the ring.

If you’d like me to you the full circuit in detail just send me an e-mail!
Christian Vila:

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