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*NEW* Monday Beginners Class!

BHASVIC, Dyke Road, Brighton (near Seven Dials)

Mondays 7.30pm- 8.30pm
Room S207, Downstairs in Sports Centre.

You wanted it? You got it!
Beginner classes are back, but this time at BHASVIC, with better parking, showers and changing rooms.
The new room has some cool new toys, including Concept Rowers, Spinning bikes and other cool kit!
Limited Spaces!
Due to the limited capacity of this room, we are starting this class on a first book, first served basis, so please click the register icon below to book your place now!
We are limiting this class to 12 people in the first two weeks to gauge response and assess capacity of the new space.

February 2018


Register today!
Limited Spaces!
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Tips to avoid the bulge over Christmas and New Year!

Did you know you may consume upwards of 6,000 calories just on Christmas Day?
With this in mind, it’s easy to see how we all tend to gain weight over the holidays.Last week we talked about keeping active over this period to avoid unnecessary fat gains.

The big problem is the amount of temptations that come around this time of year.

From the parties on the lead up, to the upcoming New Year celebrations, it is little wonder that many of us choose weight loss as one of our resolutions.

If you value your health it should be said that this overindulgence can put a strain on your health, with that spare tire shown to increase the risk of numerous health conditions.

I’m not saying you cannot have fun, (I certainly will be!), but follow these tips to avoid gaining weight, or at least maintain what you’ve achieved.

#1: Plan in advance

If you do not wish to gain weight over the Christmas period then you need to plan ahead.

For any upcoming parties, try to find out what is being served. Ask for a menu, and plan the rest of your day accordingly to limit the damage. Simply eat less leading up to the party to keep total calorie intake for the day balanced.

#2: Try to avoid the chocolate

You should buy healthier snacks for your own home, rather than the usual chocolates. Also ask your friends and relatives not to buy you chocolate as a gift!

#3: Fill up on vegetables

It can be easy to overindulge when eating your Christmas dinner so my suggestion to you would be to fill up on vegetables rather than the more unhealthy food choices.

Vegetables are often lower in calories, yet can fill you up. They are also full of nutrients that your body needs.

#4: Grill instead of frying

How you prepare your Christmas dinner can also have an impact on your weight.

For example, frying trimmings like sausages and bacon will add unnecessary calories to them. Try grilling them instead.

#5: Healthy swaps

An easy way to cut calories while still enjoying your Christmas dinner(s) is by simply making a few healthy changes to the food you serve/ order.

For example you could try eating the turkey minus the skin, and have boiled potatoes instead of roasted ones.

#6: Watch those portions

Portion sizes have increased steadily over the years, and this is particularly true around the Christmas and New Year holidays.

If you want to avoid overfilling your plate this simple guide could help you to stick to a healthy portion size:

  • Protein (turkey) = Palm sized portion
  • High-fat foods = Thumb sized portion
  • Vegetables = As many as you like
  • Potatoes = One regular potato, or a fist-sized portion is mashed

#7: Drink plenty of water

Sometimes we all believe ourselves to be hungry, when the reality is that we are thirsty instead.

The next time you are feeling hungry perhaps have a glass of water to see if the feeling subsides.

Water is also a better option than soft drinks and alcohol, although admittedly not as fun.

Water contains no calories, so can be consumed without affecting your weight, plus drinking it can help to flush out the toxins from your body, therefore helping to give you clearer skin and various other benefits.

#8: Eat more often

This may seem like a strange tip but to keep your metabolism burning continuously then you need to be eating.

Rather than having 1-2 large meals over Christmas, try eating 4-5 smaller meals but at more regular intervals.

#9: Hit the shops

Did you know the sales have already started? Hit the streets and all the walking around will certainly help to burn off a few of those calories. You could even leave the car at home and catch the bus, which will ensure you burn off even more. Don’t be tempted by offers in supermarkets or clever marketing to lure you in to temptation!

#10: Play with your children

If you have children then make an effort to play with them. Not only will you be spending some quality time with them, but you will also be burning off some of those excess calories.

Even if you have no children, you could still play a game or two with your adult friends and family. You don’t have to spend all day in front of the television.

See- it’s not that hard! You can still have fun, and avoid the bulge!

Be sure to check out my next e-mail in the coming week, for more tips on how to stay healthy over the Christmas and New year period!OVER- INDULGED? You may want to join us for the New Year New You bootcamp!

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christian Vila and the Brighton Kettlebells Team.

Only 2 discounted spaces left at £75!

With the New Year just around the corner, now is the time to make the decision to join us on our detox in 2018 and start the year with a positive step!

Early Bird spaces have now gone, so grab these discounted spaces now!


Sat 6th Jan- Sat 3rd Feb 2018.

For more info go to:



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December/ January 2018 Timetable.

Please take a moment to see what classes are on in the final run up to Christmas, and the first classes of 2018!

ALL Monday classes at St Phillips Church (8pm) are suspended from this week, until February. we will restart them at the new BHASVIC venue. Dates will be confirmed in January 2018.

DECEMBER 2017Tues 19th: BHASVIC, 8pm (last class at BHASVIC in 2017)
Thurs 21st: St Phillips, 8pm
Sat 23rd: No Class
Tues 26th: No Class
Thurs 28th: St Phillips, 8pm (last class of 2017)

January 2018

Tues 2nd: No Class
Thurs 4th: St Phillips, 8pm (first class of 2018)
Sat 6th: BHASVIC: 9.30am
Sat 6th: BHASVIC: 10.30am- New Year Bootcamp Induction

All classes resume as normal thereafter.
We will hold classes on Mondays, 7.30pm at BHASVIC for New Year bootcampers.
To enrol click HERE.
Monday classes will then resume in February, 2018 at BHASVIC.

Just 2 Spaces left at Early Bird Price! Click here to Enrol!
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Can you help? Leave us a Google Review and win a prize!

As a past or present client, we would appreciate your review! It helps us grow the business and allows us to provide the services you want.

We are trying to push the reputation of Brighton Kettlebells and its ranking in Google.
Leaving a review will only take a couple of minutes. You can do this on your home computer, tablet or phone.
You can even do this anonymously!
Its simple- simply click the following link and go to the bottom of the business page and select “Leave a Review”!
Please click here:

The top two reviews will win a pair of Brighton Kettlebells wrist guards!

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