Personal trainers beware!!

If you’re a trainer, or sports coach you should be aware of a scam that is spreading internationally.
Whilst I was on vacation, I was contacted by someone who pretended to be a potential client.

This is the way they scam you (full scripts coming up….this is funny!):
1. They contact you with an enquiry
2. You confirm a price etc.
3. They ask you to charge their credit card as usual, plus also add an amount which they need you to forward to their “logistics agent” who happen to NOT have a POS.
4. You then forward the extra amount to the agent, who would then do a runner with your money.

The scam is quite obvious, but I had some fun with them all the same- making them think I was actually game!

Here are the e-mails we sent back and forths….

On Sun 10/10/10 12:00 PM , Philip Howard sent:

     I’ll be in the country with my friends for a one month vacation. During our stay, we would like to book for 3 weeks classes for 1Hr each day, Monday to Saturday (morning or Evening hours) for 6 persons.
    As part of our plans to keep fit during the vac, we need Private group training. Do you have a training studio/facility where you conduct the classes? What Forms of Fitness Program do you teach best?


On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 7:00 AM, CHRISTIAN VILA <> wrote:

Hi Philip!

Thanks for you enquiry. I do have a facility to train you guys in Hove.

First of all, can I ask where you got my details from?
What kind of training are you looking for? (I do pretty much everything!)

Christian Vila

    It is okay, We are not looking for any specific kind of training but just to keep fit.I have made inquiries with my colleagues and none is with any previous or present severe/non sevrere injury record, age is between mid 30s and early 40s. We are currently not in the country but we will be arriving 2 days at your city of location before the commencement of the classes?, my method of payment will be credit Card, because we are offshore at work right now in an oil rig. What are your payment options for registration? We’ll be grateful if you’ll be willing to do the work to teach quality classes to us and make our visit a memorable and fun-filled one. Send a confirmation to this email(AS PLAIN TEXT AND NOT AS AN ATTACHMENT) so that we can know what to do. please kindly total the cost and get back to me asap.I hope you do have a POS machine for charging the credit cards. Provide me with the total cost asap. ps: our accomodation and other logistics arrangements will be made by an agent that we’ve contracted, so i need to your response to this mail.

On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 8:19 AM, CHRISTIAN VILA <> wrote:


This sounds great! I have a POS machine and the charge will be £150 per hour…and I’ll even throw in a bit of spanking at the end of the sessions.

If this is something that interests you I also throw in a lot of other “personal” services, for example those involving leather.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


On Sun 10/10/10 4:21 PM , Philip Howard sent:


   Thanks for the mail,we’re all happy that we’ll be doing the fitness sessions with you,do reserve our classes for us as agreed. Everything as specified is ok. Moreover,we’ve also concluded arrangements with the Translator agent like i told you who will take care of our logistics as well( Flight tickets & travel insurance,International Airport transfer, Transportation logistics & Accommodation). 
   However, I also want to let you know that I have an agent who will handle our logistics details like i said in my previous mail, but he runs a private business and does not have the facilities to charge a credit card, so i will need you to help in facilitating my payment to him, because it’s very crucial to our making this booking. 
At this point I would authorize you to charge my credit card to the amount you quoted for the cost of your services, with an additional $8,500 for the agent, deduct your fee and transfer the balance to my agent so he can start processing our travel arrangements prior to our coming. I will be waiting for your response, so that i can send the credit card details for the payment.i will also need a direct phone number so i can give you a call before sending my credit card details. 


 On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 8:51 AM, CHRISTIAN VILA <> wrote:


There seems to be an issue with your logistics….I am a logistics expert too, and would like to look after your logistics, so can you please tell me your arrival date for logistic purposes.

My logistic fees will be an additional $85, i hope this is logistically ok.

Please send your credit card details so I can charge your card today.



 Is it possible you charge the extra 8,500 and transfer it to the agent once the funds clears into your account via money transfer as we are already committed to him.

Can you believe anybody would actually fall for this? Well apparently some have- I scanned the web and found sports coached who actually charged the card and transferred the amounts to the second account.

The mind boggles!


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Oli Thompson- UCMMA Training camp with Raptor Vest

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Guaranteed Results is a success!

Wow! What a month its been! The Guaranteed Results Weight Loss Bootcamp came to an end this weekend, with twenty very happy attendees all losing an average of 5kg of fat each, 3-4% Bodyfat and a couple of inches off their waist!

How did they achieve this?

No starvation- no calorie restriction- no faddy diets.

They simply cleaned up their diet, eating only natural, fresh food, and trained at least three times a week.

Food toxins where avoided for the 28 days causing a staggering result in everyone on the programme.

These where:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Artificial additives.

The biggest loser award goes to Nick Hillier and John Stallard who each lost 7kg of bodyfat in 28 days!

Helen Fairbrother even lost 5kg and 2 inches off her waist. She was over the moon with the results!

Mikie (in the video above) managed to get down to 11% Bodyfat in the 28 days!

If you missed the programme this time round, you can join the New Year- New You Guaranteed Weight loss programme which start on the 8th January.

For more info and registration please see: New Year- New You.

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Hammer and Tyre fat burn circuit- training with Christian Vila

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Week 2: Guaranteed Results Bootcamp!

How are you getting on? Well I hope! If you’re at the same stage as I am, you’ll now be sleeping a lot better than me, waking up early and feeling great!
If you haven’t yet reched that stage..then don’t worry- it will come! It really depends on how toxic you where before the programme.
 Here’s some questions sent to me the last few days and on forums I’ve read. I’ve posted them up so everyone can see them:
  • In answer to your question, whilst I have not yet added Soya to the banned list, I believe it’s better to give it a miss as there are lots of new studies and articles coming out that really call it into question. You may use rice, oat, hazelnut, almond milks but make sure they have no additives or oils added.
  • If you feel your weight is not progressing quickly enough…consider dropping your portion sizes by 25%.
  • Micowaving is out! See why:
  • As far as I know tinned tuna is ok as long as it’s in spring water as opposed to brine or oil. I would assume that applies to other fish.
  • Herbal teas are fine and there are plenty of varieties to try. 
  • Dried fruit is okay as long as there are no chemicals added, sun dried would probably be best if you can find them. Fruit whether dried or not, if you eat too much will slow down weight loss if that is what you are after, so just watch how much you are eating, the same for nuts.
  • Houmous is made with chickpeas, sesame seeds and olive oil so that is fine if you make it yourself but I haven’t seen a commercially made one that didn’t have vegetable oil and preservatives in it.
  • Hi, my advice for carb cravings is to eat more protein and fat. Especially if you are weightlifting. I eat about 20g protein per meal or more, 6 meals a day.
  • I will say having followed the elimination myself before & having coached many clients through the process, the difference a few cheats can be quite good. Some clients have been happy with “average” weight loss & cheating, but those that stick to it are truly excited by what they can achieve. It is hardcore for some people to stick to this, but the dramatic weight loss experienced by those that stick to the letter of the diet is fantastic.
  • For a quick pick me up, I also made my own trail mix. I used almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, or any cut up dried fruit…1/2 cup of this when you are having a sugar craving will help you through the day. You may mix any type of nuts. 
Here’s this week’s classes- weather forecast looks good for the first three days!

  • Mon@ 8pm (Compulsory- diet and training)- Cheetahs with Christian
  • Tues@ 7.30pm (Intermediate)- Cheetahs with Christian
  • Wed@ 7pm (Intermediate)- Cheetahs with Christian
  • Thurs@ 7.30pm (Intermediate) – ZT Fitness with Mark
  • Sat@ 11am (Intermediate)- ZT Fitness with Simon

Keep it tight guys!

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