New year- New You Bootcamp launched!

35 keen bootcampers have started a month-long journey of self-discovery today. Most will be eating their first detox lunches as part of the Detox Diet prescribed to them at last Saturday’s induction.
Results of the programme are guaranteed thanks to a tried and tested system involving a strict diet and comprehensive training programme.

The Diet….
….is simple. Avoid all toxins and artificial additives to allow the body to function as it should, and dispose of the fat stores which cling on to the toxins.
The toxins being avoided are:

  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy
  • Artificial additives
The Training….
….involves Kettlebell training, whole body movements and functional training with fun tools in the studio at ZT Fitness in Hove. With nine classes to choose from, bootcampers must attend at least three classes per week, with a mandatory session on Mondays of Kettlebell technique and Diet advice.
Everyone on the programme is weighed, measured and bodyfat taken at the beginning and end of the month to monitor results. On average most can expect to lose 6kg and two inches off their waist. I myself will be doing the programme with them. 
Here’s my shopping trolley yesterday…..
This looks set to be a very exciting group, with a very enthusiastic mix of people taking part for different reasons and with different goals. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle, and a few are doing the programme simply to feel better and break dietary habits.
Thomas Angus (pic below), did great in the last Bootcamp- with an awesome six-pack as a result!
…next week I’ll be detailing what everyone will do after the programme is over. Be sure to subscribe to this blog (tab on top right), to be kept up to date.

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Ace review for Kettlebells bootcamp!!

Latest Homes magazine has just printed a great review of our last Guaranteed Results Bootcamp!

Read the review online here:’s-weightloss-programme

We still have spaces on our next Kettebells bootcamp!
The New Year- New You Guaranteed Weight Loss programme starts on the 8th January, finishing 28 days later on the 5th February.
Results come with a money-back guarantee- so what do you have to lose!?!
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Christmas and New Year Class timetable.

Christmas Timetable- all at ZT Fitness, Hove.

Mon, Dec 20th: 7.30pm- Beginners

Tues, Dec 21st: 7.30pm- Intermediate

Wed, Dec 22nd: 7pm- Advanced

Thurs,Dec 23rd- Tues,Dec 28th: NO CLASS

Wed, Dec 29th: One-off class- All abilities

Thurs, Dec 30th- Mon, Jan 3rd: No class

Tues, Jan 4th: All classes back to normal


In January we will be starting a Friday evening class to cope with the influx of new people in January. This will be at 7.30pm at ZT Fitness.

Wishing all Brighton Kettlebell members and their friend and family a very Happy Christmas and New Year! Here’s to a great training year and a fun-filled 2011!

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RIPPED IN 28 DAYS!! Now you can too!

..on the Guaranteed Results Bootcamp!

WOW! What can I say? The photos speak for themselves!
Congratulations to Thomas Angus- losing a staggering –4% Bodyfat and 2 inches off his waist on the Guaranteed Results Bootcamp!

Part of the Kettlebells Bootcamp, the Guaranteed Results- Weight Loss programme does exactly what it says on the tin! Lose bodyfat and feel great…or your money back!
If you missed out on the last programme, don’t worry as the next bootcamp is running this weekend! This is called the Guaranteed Results bootcamp!
The average weight loss is 6kg, and you can expect to lose up to 2 inches off your waist.
This is achieved by following an easy to follow detox diet, alongside regular training classes involving Kettlebells and other funky toys!
Classes are held indoors at ZT Fitness in Hove, by Hove train station and Varndean School in Brighton.
Next bootcamp starts on Sat 29th October and runs till Sat 26th November.
Spaces are limited, with a few left at £90.
Remember- these are real people, with real results! What are you capable of achieving?
To enrol on the next available bootcamp, please go to: KETTLEBELLS BOOTCAMP, or e-mail Christian:
Call Christian direct with any questions on: 07876-558850
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Oli Thompson set for win at BAMMA 5!

With the UFC 122 looming this weekend, all eyes are on the international spectacle. But very soon we have a major event right here in the UK, in the shape of BAMMA 5 on Saturday 5th December.

The fightcard looks great, featuring Bob “The Beast” Sapp who is fighting Stav “The Bear” Economou.
We are most excited about another Heavyweight fight, where my money for a win is with Oli Thompson, former Britain’s Strongest Man, now a formidable Heavyweight MMA fighter who is slowly climbing the UK MMA ranks with a 4-1-0 record. He will be fighting Darren Towler (3-4-0).

Having trained with Combat Ready Training for the last year, Oli Thompson is set to peak for fight night with ferocious power and the cardio abilities most middleweights would be envious of. Five minute rounds are nothing to Oli, he eats them up with ease and plenty left in the tank for more.

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