Deal of the Day!

Today only……..

If you haven’t signed up to Brighton Kettlebells, or are a Pay As you Go customer, you are welcome to take up this amazing offer!

For just £18, you get Unlimited Kettlebell classes via Living Social.

Go to: Living Social Offer

If you haven’t yet registered on Living Social, its a daily deals site which gives you offers from local businesses.

The best thing is its free to join!

If three friends buy the deal, after you’ve bought the deal, you get it FREE!

Go to:

Please pass this on to friends and family, and share on facebook and twitter!

See you at class!

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Girls……don’t fear the weights!

When we work heavy in classes I often hear, “but I don’t want to get big muscles!”

Without testosterone, ladies simply can’t put on muscle- it takes a lot of hard work and a different kind of training schedule.

The following video proves this point well……

So don’t be scared ladies…pick up the heavy bells and get swinging!

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Important notice regarding classes!

Crossfit Location Closing…..
Its with regret I write to inform you all we are closing the Crossfit Connect venue as of next week.

This Thursday 28th July will be the last classes at Crossfit. Furthermore there will be no more classes on Mondays at Varndean School.

If there’s demand, I may start a Friday class at ZT Fitness- at 8pm.

Please let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll get it set up!

The new timetable will be:

Mondays: 8pm (ZT- Dan)

Tues: 7.30pm (Varndean- Christian/ Mark)

Wed: 7pm (ZT (Christian)

Thurs: 7.30pm (Varndean- Mark)

Fri: 8pm (ZT- Simon)

Sat: 9.30am (Varndean- Dan)


Christian Vila

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NEW! Super Advanced classes!

You may have heard in the grapevine about the new Super advanced classes we’ve been running on Hove seafront and ZT Fight Skool.

These are under the Combat Ready Training banner and are by invitation only. Some of you will be able to attend these classes, so if you’re unsure, please get in touch to see if it suits you!

Here’s an example of the class….

We push training to the next level at these classes, with a focus on improving performance for sport and having fun with it!

Current timetable is:

  • Tuesdays: 2pm-3pm (meet at Cheetahs gym)
  • Thursdays: 12.30pm- 1.30pm (ZT Fight Skool)
  • Saturday: 1.30pm- 2.30pm (Cheetahs gym)

Get in touch if you’re unsure wether this class would suit your current fitness level.

Please note this week I will be away, so we’ll be doing a special one-off session on Tuesday 5th at 12noon…meet at Cheetahs gym.





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The perfect omelette! (Video)

My man Jason Baney from baneys kitchen takes us through the way to create the perfect omelette!

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