WARNING! Is your trainer qualified to teach?

Oh dear…I’ve just spotted yet another trainer advertising Kettlebell training in my area- who is NOT qualified or certified to teach them. How do I know? I asked them!

Don’t get me wrong- I love some healthy competition, its good for business. But it is worrying when Personal trainers tout themselves as Kettlebell trainers, leaving you (the client) exposed to malpractice and potentially injuries which are inevitable when Kettlebells are used incorrectly. Furthermore, we the Kettlebell community will be blamed for a list of injuries caused by other’s mistakes.

What can go wrong?
What some trainers don’t realise is that Kettlebell training is very different to conventional gym exercises. Certain muscles must be used to avoid pressure on the wrong areas and joints. Speed and tempo, along with correct breathing are essential components in kettlebell training. When I qualified as a Kettlebell trainer, I pretty much had to throw out what I had learned as a Personal trainer. Isolation is something I focused on in the past, now I’m all about working the whole body- in dynamic and explosive movements.

As with any exercise, if you use the wrong muscles, and have bad form when training with kettlebells you WILL get injured. Kettlebells are an art that must be taught to you by someone who is personally proficient in their use and qualified to do so.
What should we look for?
If your Personal trainer is qualified to teach kettlebells- they should state this in their bio or website. There are only a handful of certifications which are acceptable.
These are (in no particular order):

  • IKFF CKT 1: International Kettlebells and Fitness Federation- (see IKFF )
  • ADPF: Angie Dowds & Rob Partridge Professional Fitness- (see ADPF)
  • Optimal- Extreme Kettlebell Instructor- (see Optimal)
  • UKKA- now GBKA
  • RKC- Russian Kettlebell Certification- (see RKC)

Sometimes I’ll hear the arguement: “I don’t need to certify, experience counts for far more than a certificate”. To a certain extent this is true, but how can you guarantee experience and that they’ve been doing things correctly? Bad habits die hard. Furthermore, if your trainer is commited to their self-development and expansion of knowledge why would they not become certified to teach? The Brighton Kettlebells team (Mark Stroud, Rooth Smethurst and Hannah Quinn) have invested thousands of pounds on our self- development, and this is what you should demand from your trainer or bootcamp coach.
The current situation.
I sell kettlebells. I sell to gyms, training facilities, individuals and even personal trainers. Whenever I sell kettlebells to trainers I ask them if they are qualified to teach…sadly many say NO. What they do is watch a few videos on youtube and teach themselves (wrongly) how to train with them. With these guys I’ll ask them to show me a simple kettlebell swing. What follows is usually a terrible display of mis-understanding of what kettlebells are and how to use them….too much backward lean at the top, kettlebell too high at the top of the arc, back bent over and no hip extention- its like a car crash.
I’ll then recommend they do a few sessions with me, or even better: do a Kettlebell certification, to which most reply: “its too expensive” or “I don’t have time”!

Disaster waiting to happen.

These trainers are jumping on the band wagon- and you’ll pay the price if you train with them or attend their classes.

The take home message.
If you’re attending a class or bootcamp which involves kettlebells, or being trained by a trainer who uses kettlebells as part of their service, ask them if they are qualified by one of the above organisations. Furthermore, ask to see their certificate proving their qualification. It still shocks me how no one asks to see my well earned certificates! Its crazy! Its like allowing a non-Corgi registered engineer to service your boiler….you just wouldn’t do it!

If the trainer is operating outside of a gym or training facility, they will need adequate Civil liability insurance which covers their legal liability to you (the client) for death, injury or illness to others and loss of, or damage to third party property. This is important and you should ask to see the certificate of cover checking dates on the paper work.
Brighton Kettlebells prides itself on the high standard of all the instructors taking their classes, all of which are not only qualified and certified, but insured for peace of mind. Furthermore, we constantly evolve, investing money to take on new certifications, keeping up with the latest trends and learning new training forms.

Now go ask your trainer: Are you qualified to teach?

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A weekend in the life of a Brighton trainer….

Wow! What a weekend! Wasn’t it beautiful? I hope the sun came out where you live. It certainly did here in Brighton, East Sussex!

Being from the Southern hemisphere, Mr.C likes the sun…a LOT! It really puts a spring in my step!

Now deep in to my second week of the Elimination diet, my energy levels are at an all-time high. I’m naturally rising every morning at 6am having had some great sleep. The Elimination diet forms the basis of the currently running Beach body Programme, which is going great.


I was really excited about taking the classes at Varndean School this day. With a double- whammy in the sun…what better way to kick-start your weekend?!
The 9.30am- Intermediate class was super-busy and lovely on the school green.

Walking swings.

I also put out a challenge…who would dare tackle both the Intermediate and Advanced classes? Back-to-back?
Four guys stepped up to the challenge and earned themselves a Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt for their efforts!

The challengers! Matteo, Stuart, Andrew and Stephen step up for the double!

Double Renegade rows with a happy Darryl!

In the Advanced class we where able to drill some Double Kettlebell drills, leaving everyone exhilarated and well worked!

With the sun out, I took some time to sit on my outdoor terrace to enjoy some mate tea before heading over to Cheetahs gym in Hove.

I was so stoked that The Time newspaper included my favourite beverage in the top ten foods to consume for Longevity!

I love my cycle to the gym. Nothing beats cycling along Brighton seafront with a light breeze keeping you cool whilst the sun beats down on you. THIS is why we chose to live in Brighton!

Brighton Beach ready for business!

Anyone who trains with me knows that when the sun is out, we train outside! This is where I excel and my workouts get really creative. I just can’t understand how anyone would want to sit in an artificially lit gym pounding a treadmill like a hamster, or cranking a cross-trainer for an hour, when you can be outside in the sun doing some funky moves, with funky toys, getting your funk-on!

Anamaria kills it on the Battling ropes! This girl is a transformation in progress!
One of the highlights of my day was training Baz’n’Nick. I’ve trained these two individually for a while now, so I decided to introduce them to each other for a joint workout once a week too. Needless to say our sessions are awesome! We go crazy, push their physical and mental limits and have some real FUN in the process!

Baz helps Nick out with the tyre drags.

This week, rugby player Andy joined us for some fun…and he got a good whipping!

Dan (far right) can’t believe he survived the session!

My favourite run is from the gym to Shoreham powerstation along the beach and back. It takes in some dramatic scenery, and is often empty with little traffic….furthermore its FLAT! 😉

My run along the empty beach.

I was truly buzzing by now, especially after hearing from UFC fighter Oli Thompson. We’re putting together a solid training camp for his UFC bout in Los Angeles in August! Training camp is ON!

Oli Thompson at UFC, Sydney.

My Saturday was capped off with some down-time with my girl taking in a (not so great movie- “Jeff- Who Lives at Home”- AVOID!) at my favourite cinema- Duke of Yorks in Brighton.


Meeting my homie Gerard for an morning weights session was an ideal way to kick-start my Sunday! We killed it at Cheetahs Gym which has a great range of machines and equipment and ideally located right on the beach.

My cycle back home was beautiful- Brighton was in full effect and I had some cool tunes in my ears to ease me along.

My daily commute to the gym.

Sundays are for lazing, and what better way to do that than in the pub with the largest beer garden in Brighton- The Open House. This is my fave and always does great food!Check it out if you’re ever in town!

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Wheat- your daily poison?

All of this could well be down to your daily consumption of wheat.
How many of you reading this know of someone with a wheat intolerance? Do you think you’re any different?
You see, as a species, we humans are not supposed to eat wheat. It behaves like a poison in the body, leading to many ailments and maladies.
As you read this, you know deep down that if you eat bread it makes you feel bloated and tired. This is your body telling its not good!
I now train people who regularly talk about Irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis and Crohn’s disease in their lives. Coeliac disease now affects one in a 100 people, other wheat intolerances probably more.

How is this so?

We have bred wheat to produce high quantities in intensive growing conditions, (much like milk and meat) with no guarantee of its nutritional quality; modern varieties have 30-50 per cent fewer minerals than traditional ones. White flour has up to 88 per cent less of a range of minerals and vitamins than whole wheat.
Thats nuts!

Worse still, enzymes, often genetically modified, are added to flour and dough to make the fluffy, big loaves you see on your supermarket shelves. Furthermore, recent research suggests that one enzyme, transglutaminase, used in food manufacturing and baking, may actually turn some of the gliadin protein in wheat flour into a form that can be toxic to some people.
This also applies to your “Organic stoneground omega-infused” luxury bread you always buy from Tescos or Waitrose, thinking its good for you by the way!
The real problem lies in the fact that we tend to over-rely on this nutrient. Its convenient and cheap.
Having read so much about the evils of wheat I decided to try giving it up for 25 days alongside the Guaranteed Results Bootcamp back in 2009.
I have never looked back….the results where outstanding!
My energy went through the roof, my skin condition improved, and I lost the bloat which I thought was part of my normal day.
Don’t get me wrong, if I go out for a meal I’ll splash out and have some bread once a week. But wheat does NOT exist in my daily diet.
If you look in my cupboards you won’t see:

  • Pasta
  • Bread- all forms.
  • Biscuits or crackers.
  • Pre-made sauces
  • Baked goods.
  • Beer
  • Tinned soup

…the list goes on!

So my number one tip to kick- start your 2012….drop WHEAT from your diet!

You’ll feel amazing, lose weight and avoid the conditions that plague everyone around you!


Are you ready to give up your daily poison?

Wheat is one of the five toxins we eliminate in our Beach Body Bootcamp, made easier with the help of a group setting and easy to follow eating plan!

Read on to find out more!

Sue lost fat and her energy went through the roof on our New Year- New You Programme!

Are you ready to make the best decision of your life and give up your addiction to poisons?

Here is your chance!

Using a tried & tested combination of high metabolic exercises & a healthy, easy to follow diet, you can finally achieve the body shape you want and feel great.

Guaranteed Results is Brighton & Hove’s only guaranteed weight loss programme,
if you’re not happy with your results after 28 days, you can have your money back!
All we ask is that you:

1. Attend the “Induction Session”:  Saturday 14th January-  10.30am at Varndean School.

2. Then attend at least 3 classes per week out of the following:

  • Monday:          7.30pm – (Mandatory class)- Varndean School, Ditchling Road, Brighton
  • Tuesday:          7.30pm – Varndean School
  • Wednesday:    7.00pm – ZT Fitness, Fonthill Road, Hove. (Advanced Level)
  • Wednesday:    7.00pm- Varndean School
  • Thursday:        7.30pm – Varndean School.
  • Saturday:         9.30am – Varndean School
  • Saturday:         10.30am – Varndean School (Advanced Level)

3. Eat freely from the easy to follow diet we prescribe you for 25 days.

Follow these three steps and you WILL lose fast, feel great and look the best you have in years…OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Got any questions?
Get in touch here now!
Call Christian: 07876-558850

ENROL HERE! http://www.kettlebellsbootcamp.co.uk/

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Lean and mean in just 28 days!

..on the Beach Body Bootcamp!

WOW! What can I say? The photos speak for themselves!
Congratulations to Thomas Angus- losing a staggering –4% Bodyfat and 2 inches off his waist on the Guaranteed Results Bootcamp!

Part of the Kettlebells Bootcamp, the Beach Body programme does exactly what it says on the tin! Lose bodyfat and feel great in time for summer…or your money back!
If you missed out on the last programme, don’t worry as the next bootcamp is running from this weekend!
This is called the Beach Body Bootcamp!
See: http://www.kettlebellsbootcamp.co.uk/
The average weight loss is 6kg, and you can expect to lose up to 2 inches off your waist.
This is achieved by following an easy to follow detox diet, alongside regular training classes involving Kettlebells and other funky toys!
Classes are held indoors at ZT Fitness in Hove, by Hove train station and Varndean School in Brighton.
Next bootcamp starts on Sat 28th April and runs till Sat 26th May.
Spaces are limited, with a few left at £125. Mention this blog post and you can attend for just £95!

Remember- these are real people, with real results! What are you capable of achieving?
To enrol on the next available bootcamp, please go to: KETTLEBELLS BOOTCAMP, or e-mail Christian: christian@brightonkettlebells.co.uk
E-mail Christian direct on christian@brightonkettlebells.co.uk
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Classes are hotting up!!

Now deep in to the year, our Brighton Kettlebell classes are still pulling big numbers! I’m so pleased so many people from the New Year bootcamp are still training hard and have stuck to their New Year’s resolutions to tone up and boost fitness!

Kersten sporting the new Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt!

Now that the sun is coming out, we’ll be taking our classes outdoors when training at Varndean School if the weather permits on Saturdays!

Here is a sample of one our workouts at ZT Fitness last Wednesday….this was a smoker!

After some conditioning drills using “just” bodyweight we hit the two following routines inspired by My Mad Methods:

Christian’s Smoker 1

A1: 2-Arm Swing – 60 sec
A2: Alt 1-Arm Swing – 60 sec
A3: Press ups – 60 sec
A4: Full Sit Up – 60 sec
Done one after the other with no rest in between, upon completion
of the circuit rest 30-60 seconds and repeat again.

Christian’s Smoker 2

A1: Double Kettlebell Thrusters – 60 sec
A2: Renegade Rows – 60 sec
A3: Hindu Press-ups – 60 sec
A4: Med ball slams – 60 sec
Done one after the other with no rest in between, upon completion
of the circuit rest 30-60 seconds and repeat again.

Can’t wait for next Wedneday! I love this class!

Spaces are filling fast! Enrol HERE!

PS: Class is on as normal this Easter Saturday. There will be no class on Monday due to Bank Holiday.

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