Classes are hotting up!!

Now deep in to the year, our Brighton Kettlebell classes are still pulling big numbers! I’m so pleased so many people from the New Year bootcamp are still training hard and have stuck to their New Year’s resolutions to tone up and boost fitness!

Kersten sporting the new Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt!

Now that the sun is coming out, we’ll be taking our classes outdoors when training at Varndean School if the weather permits on Saturdays!

Here is a sample of one our workouts at ZT Fitness last Wednesday….this was a smoker!

After some conditioning drills using “just” bodyweight we hit the two following routines inspired by My Mad Methods:

Christian’s Smoker 1

A1: 2-Arm Swing – 60 sec
A2: Alt 1-Arm Swing – 60 sec
A3: Press ups – 60 sec
A4: Full Sit Up – 60 sec
Done one after the other with no rest in between, upon completion
of the circuit rest 30-60 seconds and repeat again.

Christian’s Smoker 2

A1: Double Kettlebell Thrusters – 60 sec
A2: Renegade Rows – 60 sec
A3: Hindu Press-ups – 60 sec
A4: Med ball slams – 60 sec
Done one after the other with no rest in between, upon completion
of the circuit rest 30-60 seconds and repeat again.

Can’t wait for next Wedneday! I love this class!

Spaces are filling fast! Enrol HERE!

PS: Class is on as normal this Easter Saturday. There will be no class on Monday due to Bank Holiday.

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New Year Bootcamp- the best to date!

Wow! What an amazing bootcamp we’ve just had! Not only was this our busiest bootcamp to date, but the New Year, New You programme which lasted 28 days from Saturday 14th January, also had the best results we’ve ever had!

The programme rules are simple:

1) Eat clean following our detox diet, which eliminates all toxins from our diet.

2) Train at least three times a week for four weeks.

Typical allowed Breakfast on the bootcamp (eggs, grated carrot, peppers, onions, mushrooms, avocado, grass-fed beef, home made houmus)


EVERYONE on the programme lost fat!


The total fat lost by everyone on the bootcamp was a staggering 144kg (317lbs) of fat! Thats a LOT of fat! Well done guys!

Enough to fill 13 of these buckets of lard in fact!

(bleurgh….pass me the bucket!)


The average amount of fat lost was 4kg.


The biggest loser was Ross Keely who lost 10kg of fat in 28 days. He then went on to finish the Brighton Half Marathon proudly wearing his earned Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt!

Congratulations to everyone that completed the programme! The Brighton Kettlebells team, including coaches Mark Stroud, Rooth Smethurst and Dan Alliston and I, are super proud of you all!
But this is just the beginning! Set yourself new goals and smash them!

If you missed this bootcamp, don’t fear!

We have the Beach Body programme starting on Saturday 28th April, 2012. This will run through May and will have you ready for the Summer holidays and warmer months to come!
For more info and to enrol please go to:

ps: want to try the programme for FREE? I need one volunteer to have before/ after photos! E-mail me NOW:

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New Year Bootcamp…week 3- diary of a Bootcamper!

Well here we are …. deep in to week four of the New Year- New You Bootcamp!
I’m amazed at everyone’s dedication and commitment to the programme, not a single person out of the 35 have dropped out!

To add to my astonishment, around 12 people have opted (like me) to continue with the detox diet beyond the 4- weeks of the bootcamp, for continued wellbeing and high energy. Lets face it, with the weather the way it is right now we need any source of energy we can get our hands on!

Next week would be the “re-introduction” phase of the programme, where people will add toxins back in to their diet to see the effects it will have on them. Now they have a clean canvas, they can truly monitor wether or not they are intolerant to:
– Wheat

– Sugar

– Dairy

– Alchohol


– Caffeine.

Laura Burgess from Latest 7 magazine shares her experiences in the final week…..

Posted in Health & Beauty, Latest 7, Regulars, Wave on February 7, 2012

 By the end of week three it’s the final push in the lead up to Friday’s weigh-in, so it’s all systems go. I instinctively know what I am doing when it comes to preparing food and what to expect at the training classes.

In the Monday beginners’ class, where we meet to discuss our food intake, Christian suggested that as we’re halfway through boot camp, we should consider giving up starchy carbohydrates. The timing for this was slightly off considering I’d just bought a loaf of Rye bread and a bag of buck wheat! I decided not to do this in the third week but save it until the final few days before that dreaded weigh-in. I also went to a cheese and wine party at the weekend and was very disciplined for not touching a drop or having a bite!

My favourite class is definitely the advanced class on Wednesdays, and this week was no exception as to how hard Christian pushed us. In fact, at the intermediate class on Thursday with Mark, it felt like he had noticeably upped the intensity also, and said he wanted us to really go for it in the last few weeks.

During the Wednesday class with Christian, the warm-up is definitely a mini workout itself although I must admit I am managing it a lot better than what I could do just three weeks ago. This time with the Kettlebells we worked in pairs and had to do a set of snatch reps on each arm. We started at ten on the left arm, then our partner would do their set, and we would switch to our right arm. We had to keep alternating in sets from 10 down to 5, maintaining a constant workout. We all did sets of a clean, squat and press and of course it didn’t stop once we finally put the bell down, as we did the plank and sit ups. If there’s one exercise that I really struggle with it’s bicycle sit-ups.

On Thursdays class with Mark, we were split into smaller groups, lined up and each person had to travel to one end of the room and back doing alternate exercises, such as the bear crawl, mountain climbers and lunges, before pacing it back and taking it in turns. It really was a great way to keep the heart rate pumping. We then spent a good 15 minutes doing our kettlebell lifts, double and single arm swings, snatches, and a new one for me, the figure of eight. This means passing the kettlebell between and around the legs!

By the end of the third week I definitely feel more toned and my body shape seems slightly more defined. My energy levels during the class are high and I generally feel fit. I have had the chance to have three lie-ins this week but my body naturally wakes up early. Every time I see my classmates it’s amazing to see their skin glowing and everyone keeps telling one another that they look like they’ve lost weight around their middles! The important message Christian drums into our heads, is that it’s not about losing pounds but turning body fat into muscle. There’s also no greater feeling of satisfaction every time I have finished a session, so as I am heading into my final week I am seriously considering extending my bootcamp by another month. Wish me luck for the weigh in and measurement results on Friday!

The Kettlebell’s classes are open to everyone, whether you’re doing the bootcamp or not:

If you missed the bootcamp this time round, don’t fear…we’ll be doing the next on in June 2012! Message me for details!

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Week 3- New Year Bootcamp! Energy is high!

Last night’s class was a testament to the bootcampers fitness, which is at an all-time high!

We attempted some four-minute long drills involving kettlebells and bodyweight exercises, and everyone did great! Bear in mind, most attendees where dying after just thirty seconds of work at the induction session two weeks ago!


Happy swingers at the bodyblast- Advanced class at ZT Fitness, Hove.

Laura Burgess from Latest 7 magazine is blogging her experiences of the bootcamp……..

Posted in Health & Beauty, Latest 7, Regulars, Wave on January 30, 2012

I’ve reached the halfway point of bootcamp and I’m noticing positive effects from the food detox and strict exercise regime. At the end of week two, I’ve resisted fish and chips and the best part of a roast, alongside enduring four great workout sessions.

The feedback from my food diary from the first week showed that I was snacking too often and eating too much fruit – I know you’re probably wondering how is that possible? The important point that trainer Christian drills to the class is that with most meals you eat you need an equal proportion of three major food groups: fat, protein and carbohydrates.

In the first week I eliminated the correct toxins from my diet but this week I have found a pattern and made wiser choices to ensure I get all three food groups into every meal I eat. Out with porridge for breakfast, and in with avocado for fat, a boiled egg for protein and a slice of Rye bread, or a piece of fruit, for carbs. In week one I was eating nuts like sweets, and to be honest I am still struggling to control my quantity but I am separating a smaller amount into a container to keep on my desk at work. When I have a snack, such as a yoghurt, I have a couple of almonds or Brazilian nuts to ensure I am having enough good fat. I am slightly concerned about the amount of calories in the nuts, so I hope they don’t jeopardise my overall weight loss.

Other things I have to bear in mind are: drink plenty of water – aiming for three litres a day, avoid starchy carbs in the evening with dinner and have two pieces of fruit a day rather than an unlimited amount. I am carrying a 1.5 litre bottle with me, everywhere I go! Despite waking up every night at 4am for a trip to the toilet, drinking water has made a huge difference to how I feel.

Every Monday I attend the beginners’ class for bootcampers only, where we discuss food ideas before practising lifts with the kettlebells. I went to a Zumba® class on Tuesday and the advanced and intermediate kettlebells classes on Wednesday and Thursday.

I like the advanced class because it’s slightly smaller and the intensity is mad, I really have to push as hard as I can to keep myself going. In this week’s advanced class, after a warm-up, Christian gave us a set of dumbbells each and we weren’t allowed to put them down for a good 10-15 minutes. My arms were aching and shaking by the end of the lifts – we even had to keep them in our hands while doing the plank. That was before I had even touched my usual 8kg kettlebell that session. I can honestly say there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’re working every single muscle in your body at once.

By the end of week two I find I have no trouble falling asleep at night, I am no longer dehydrated, I feel a lot happier and a few of my friends have already complimented me on my skin. I am not sure if I notice any difference to my physique yet, which is what I will be most interested in.

The Kettlebell’s classes are open to everyone, whether you’re doing the bootcamp or not:

If you’ve missed the bootcamp this time round, do not fear…we have the Beach Body programme starting in June! Message me for details:


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Latest 7 magazine journo gives New Year Bootcamp thumbs up!

Now in its second week, the 35 New Year bootcampers have been inducted, measured and exercised hard using Kettebells and other fun exercises.

For many people this is their first bout of exercise in a long time! We recommend they attend at least three exercise sessions a week, but some are attending 4-5 sessions per week in their quest for maximum acheievement of their health and fitness goals!

Induction day at Varndean School.

Everyone is now loving the programme, reporting feelings of energy and great mood, which was a contrast to the first few days where most complained of headaches and lethargy as the toxins left their bodies.

Laura from Latest 7 magazine is blogging her experiences……

Only one week into my Kettlebells bootcamp and I have had hallucinations of cake and dreams of eating cheese. I ache all over and to top it all off I walk like John Wayne.

After an introductory session, where trainer Christian Vila provided us with a welcome pack that focuses on both exercise and food, I have been to three sessions of Kettlebells and one Zumba® class this week.

The beginner’s session on Monday helped us find out what weight we were best suited to, and at a steady pace we mixed cardio with different lifts. The following day I was aching but it was nothing as to how I would feel after joining the advanced class on Wednesday…

I have never had a workout like this before, I do like to stay active by running and taking Zumba® classes two to three times a week, but this definitely got every muscle in my body working.

After the warm-up, where you run laps, do star jumps and squats, I honestly thought I was going to be sick as it’s so fast-paced, letting you rest for no more than five seconds. As you work with a partner suited to the same size weight as you, one completes a routine with the kettlebell for 30 seconds while the other is on the floor, most likely doing press ups, holding the plank position and completing squats. You alternate throughout the whole session and work on lifts such as a double arm swing, kettlebell squats, kettlebell shoulder press and cleans.

Despite it sounding difficult, there is a really great atmosphere, and you actually find yourself having a laugh as you grit your teeth when holding a position. I also attended the intermediate class on Thursday night and after three stints of training and a Zumba® class, my stomach muscles are definitely feeling it!

On the food and drink front it’s been tough giving up my vices: coffee, diet Coke and chocolate. I have been eating plenty of fruit, nuts, porridge, chicken, fish, eggs, brown rice and most importantly aiming to drink three litres of water a day. I still want the naughty stuff, anything carb-related, but my cravings are not as strong as they have been since the start. I will hand my food diary to Christian tonight and he will provide feedback on what I’ve been eating.

The Kettlebells classes are open to everyone as they are drop-in, and I seriously recommend this to anyone who wants a proper workout where they will feel it afterwards. I have three weeks left of bootcamp and I really cannot wait to see my final results in week four.

Laura Burgess

For the Kettlebells training timetable see

You can join our regular classes now..or wait for the next bootcamp- The Beach Body Programme in May 2012!

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