Beach Body Programme is a success!!

Having completed 28 days of training and detoxing, 16 lucky people changed their bodies in to fitter, leaner and happier versions!
I was truly amazed at people’s will power and determination through the programme, with some training up to five days a week using Kettlebells, sandbags and body weight exercises!
Shireen says of the programme:I Love Brighton Kettlebells and cant thank Christian Kettlebells Vila enough for for the amazing support that he has given me over the past 4 weeks!!!! Life changing stuff!”
But this is just the beginning! Now we’ve got the body toxin free, we can re-introduce each one to see its effects on the body. As a result of doing this diet myself, I am now dairy and wheat free as I find these to be bloating and energy leaches. I’ve also kept caffeine to a minimum (once or twice a week).

Karen did the programme with her husband and was amazed at their results:I was so pleased with my results and to lose 5kg in 4 weeks! and the amount of body fat was really surprising too….Ron and I feel so much healthier and we feel ‘clean’ – no more ‘dirty food’ for us. We will continue on the plan! 
The biggest loser wins a prize, and on this occassion its Ron Puttock who lost an amazing 8kg on the programme! Ron wins 2 months of unlimited Kettlebell training worth £85!

“I was quite a coffee drinker and now I don’t miss that at all which is great. We have enjoyed being on the Beach Body programme and I am recommending it to my work colleagues and friends” enthused Karen.

This has been an amazing group with an average of 5kg lost, 2-inches off waists and drops of up to 5% Bodyfat. These results make my job a dream. I cannot wait for the next one!
If you’re interested in joining us on the next Guaranteed results Bootcamp, we’ve got one starting 4th September, 2010!

See: GUARANTEED RESULTS Spaces are LIMITED, so contact me to secure your place! CONTACT CHRISTIAN!

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