A weekend in the life of a Brighton trainer….

Wow! What a weekend! Wasn’t it beautiful? I hope the sun came out where you live. It certainly did here in Brighton, East Sussex!

Being from the Southern hemisphere, Mr.C likes the sun…a LOT! It really puts a spring in my step!

Now deep in to my second week of the Elimination diet, my energy levels are at an all-time high. I’m naturally rising every morning at 6am having had some great sleep. The Elimination diet forms the basis of the currently running Beach body Programme, which is going great.


I was really excited about taking the classes at Varndean School this day. With a double- whammy in the sun…what better way to kick-start your weekend?!
The 9.30am- Intermediate class was super-busy and lovely on the school green.

Walking swings.

I also put out a challenge…who would dare tackle both the Intermediate and Advanced classes? Back-to-back?
Four guys stepped up to the challenge and earned themselves a Brighton Kettlebells t-shirt for their efforts!

The challengers! Matteo, Stuart, Andrew and Stephen step up for the double!

Double Renegade rows with a happy Darryl!

In the Advanced class we where able to drill some Double Kettlebell drills, leaving everyone exhilarated and well worked!

With the sun out, I took some time to sit on my outdoor terrace to enjoy some mate tea before heading over to Cheetahs gym in Hove.

I was so stoked that The Time newspaper included my favourite beverage in the top ten foods to consume for Longevity!

I love my cycle to the gym. Nothing beats cycling along Brighton seafront with a light breeze keeping you cool whilst the sun beats down on you. THIS is why we chose to live in Brighton!

Brighton Beach ready for business!

Anyone who trains with me knows that when the sun is out, we train outside! This is where I excel and my workouts get really creative. I just can’t understand how anyone would want to sit in an artificially lit gym pounding a treadmill like a hamster, or cranking a cross-trainer for an hour, when you can be outside in the sun doing some funky moves, with funky toys, getting your funk-on!

Anamaria kills it on the Battling ropes! This girl is a transformation in progress!
One of the highlights of my day was training Baz’n’Nick. I’ve trained these two individually for a while now, so I decided to introduce them to each other for a joint workout once a week too. Needless to say our sessions are awesome! We go crazy, push their physical and mental limits and have some real FUN in the process!

Baz helps Nick out with the tyre drags.

This week, rugby player Andy joined us for some fun…and he got a good whipping!

Dan (far right) can’t believe he survived the session!

My favourite run is from the gym to Shoreham powerstation along the beach and back. It takes in some dramatic scenery, and is often empty with little traffic….furthermore its FLAT! 😉

My run along the empty beach.

I was truly buzzing by now, especially after hearing from UFC fighter Oli Thompson. We’re putting together a solid training camp for his UFC bout in Los Angeles in August! Training camp is ON!

Oli Thompson at UFC, Sydney.

My Saturday was capped off with some down-time with my girl taking in a (not so great movie- “Jeff- Who Lives at Home”- AVOID!) at my favourite cinema- Duke of Yorks in Brighton.


Meeting my homie Gerard for an morning weights session was an ideal way to kick-start my Sunday! We killed it at Cheetahs Gym which has a great range of machines and equipment and ideally located right on the beach.

My cycle back home was beautiful- Brighton was in full effect and I had some cool tunes in my ears to ease me along.

My daily commute to the gym.

Sundays are for lazing, and what better way to do that than in the pub with the largest beer garden in Brighton- The Open House. This is my fave and always does great food!Check it out if you’re ever in town!

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