8 steps to a positive 2012.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I understand where people are coming from when they set them.

Now we’ve got through the madness of Christmas, and the excess of the New Year, many of us take this time to access our lifestyles and start setting personal goals for the year ahead of us.

The only problem is people often go about it the wrong way, making some serious mistakes which are doomed from the beginning!
So here are my tips to help you kick off your 2012 on the right track…..

  1. Make your goals realistic. Don’t go crazy, aim for something you can achieve, or if its a BIG goals, chop it down in to smaller (short-term) goals.
  2. Start your exercise programme NOW. Not next week, not in February because you’ll have more time. Do it now!
  3. Train regularly. Once a week won’t cut it. You need to be active at least every other day. It sounds corny but build activity in to your daily schedule and you’ll be burning more calories as you take the stair instead of the elevator, cycle to work, etc.
  4. Check out cycle scheme! To help with number 3! http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/
  5. Clean up your diet NOW. Throw out any of the following from your cupboards/ fridge and you’ll be on the right path: dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, artificial additives, anything which has words in the ingredients list which you can pronounce! Try this for 28 days and watch the fat FALL off you and see how amazing you’ll feel!
  6. Try something new. This is an ideal time to start that hobby you’ve always been putting off. Try a new sport, get in to a creative art, try a new class do something different! Challenge yourself- you only live once!
  7. Surround yourself with positive people. People who will support your goals and help you get closer to them. Now is a good time to erase the numbers (or at least ignore) of the people who lead you astray and invite you to the pub every Friday night.
  8. If at first you don’t succeed- get back on the horse! I know so many people who start with good intentions, then abort mission as soon as they hit a hurdle or fail. Dust yourself off and get back on it! If you fail again, repeat until you hit your target. In my experience those that are successful in life are those that persevere.

If you’re reading this on your Bank Holiday Monday- this is an ideal day to take action and start taking the above steps! Don’t put it off- crack on with it!

Sometimes taking action and knowing what to do is hard, so we’ve put together the New Year- New You Bootcamp, which guarantees results after just 28 days.

We take away all the guess work and put years of research and experience in to action.

By enrolling you’ll be immediately following the above 8 steps, ensuring your success for the coming year!

We’ll be setting some goals for you at the beginning of the programme, you’ll be starting to exercise at least three times a week, you’ll be cleaning up your diet, trying something new and train in a group full of positive people that will help you along the way. If you don’t succeed at first, we’ll be here to support you and make sure you stick with the programme!

You can expect results like THIS!

I have limited spaces left on the programme which begins on Saturday 14th January- that’s only a few days away!

Are you ready? Enrol here or e-mail me with any questions to: christian@brightonkettlebells.co.uk

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